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Located on 36 acres of private land near Siskiyou National Forest, this treesort had to fight legal battles to get permission to be called a Bed and Breakfast. Over the years, uptight regulators refused to recognize the soundness of their specially designed treehouses. They were allowed to have friends stay but not the general public. So people had to become friends with the owner in order to stay. These people became known as “Tree Musketeers” to honor their heroic role in making the resort the eccentric and legally-sound phenomenon it is today.

Stay in one of 12 treehouses, some with fridges, some with two stories and decking – the largest one can sleep up to 7 people. The property has a number of zip lines that will send you flying through the foliage like Peter Pan. Or maybe the 50ft pendulum swing is more your thing? A gentler option can be found trekking through the woods on horseback as there is a horse-breeding ranch and stable on the property.

Out'n'About Treehouse Treesort map
Mike n Pegs Ultimate tree house
Serendipi Tree
Suite tree house
Swiss Family tree house
Tree loon from ground
Mastreezeebo tree house
Pleasantree house
Bed view from tree house
Peacock tree house
Ziplining in Cave Junction
Treesort - Treehouse Resort
300 Page Creek Rd, Cave Junction, OR, USA