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Rolling Hotel - Award Winning VisionRolling  

Have you ever got bored with a view? Did you wish that it would change from time to time? Ever wished that you could step out of your room straight into one of the most beautiful landscapes on Earth? Here, you can do both.

Your room is moving, taking you from the town of Andalsnes to the incredible Norwegian Fjords using industrial train tracks. As you travel there, you can enjoy the unique views from your comfortable accommodation. And when you arrive you can step out of your room directly into the great outdoors. As the seasons and weather change, the hotel can move up and down the tracks to new and unusual locations. You will not miss dark, windowless hotel corridors here. A public bath and concert hall are available to you a few units down the track.

Sadly, this hotel only exists as a prize-winning design proposal. I think you will join me in wishing Jagnefält Milton Architecture all the luck in the world to make their dreams into a reality.

Rolling Hotel
Rolling Hotel Sweden
Rolling Hotel in the nature
Andalsnes, Sweden
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