Accommodation types: Cave   Underground
Location: Sala  Sweden  West Europe
Sala Silvermine – An Underground AdventureSala  

Lounge on your luxury leather chair underneath a delicate chandelier that hangs from the roof of a room which has been tunneled out of a pure rock, 155 meters below the surface. As if you were Gollum from Lord of the Rings. Except for massively rich and less ring-obsessed. So yes, the hotel is in a converted silver mine.

You are pretty much left alone down there with staff on the surface. So you get the whole place to yourself. There is plenty of adventure to be had around the place. You can do a high-wire assault course, go whizzing on a zip wire and explore the subterranean world of the silver mine through several different tracks. If you like your golf, there is a fine course above ground for you to check out 10 kilometers from Sala Silvermine.

The hotel also conserves the mine’s unique history and historical tours are available too. It is also the site of some of the finest cave-diving in the world. Down here, under the water, there is no current and the environment has been untouched by oxygen and light so you enter and brave and mysterious world of labyrinthine tunnels and plunge-pools.

Underground restaurant in Sala, Sweden
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Silver mine hotel room
Sala Silvermine cave
Silver mine cave in Sala, Sweden
Zip-lining in Sala
Zip-lining in the nature of Sala
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Drottning Christinas väg 4, 733 36 Sala, Sweden
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