Sato Castle Motel Taipei - Vibrant Themed-RoomsSato  

Sato Castle stands out in the neighborhood since the building actually looks like a castle, complete with torchlights, parapets, and chains hanging over the driveway to simulate the appearance of a drawbridge.

The hotel is centrally located in the Zhongshan district, a mere 5-minute walk from Jiannan Road MRT Station.

It is also a short drive or train ride from Taipei’s largest night market, Shilin Night Market, where you can experience local culture and foods from stinky tofu to snake soup.

From Sato Castle, you can also walk across the street to the Miramar Entertainment Park with a massive Ferris wheel and other rides.

Type: Castle   Design
Location: Taipei  Taiwan  East Asia
Sato Castle
Sato Castle entrance

All the rooms in Sato Castle have their own themes.

Sato Castle Greek room

All the rooms are fully equipped with ultra-modern control pads next to the bed, which you can use to control the window blinds, surround sound system, On-Demand TV and music, lights, and more.

Sato Castle Aladdin room

Every room has a steam room, magnificent showers, and Jacuzzis.

Sato Castle tropical jacuzzi

The themes of the rooms include things like Spider-Man, ancient Egypt, a princess tower, underwater, and much more. One of the most impressive rooms is the Dragon Room which actually has a 6-foot dragon to watch over you while you sleep.

Sato Castle night room
Sato Castle golden themed room
Sato Castle Spider-Man themed room
Sato Castle football themed room
Sato Castle Las Vegas themed room
Sato Castle jacuzzi with sauna
Sato Castle Hawaii room
Sato Castle yellow jacuzzi
Sato Castle maritime room
Sato Castle maritime bathroom jacuzzi
Sato Castle Cinderella room
Sato Castle room
Sato Castle vintage room
Sato Castle ancient Egypt themed room
Sato Castle bathroom
Sato Castle music themed room
Sato Castle hunters room
Sato Castle Chinese room

After a free breakfast buffet, you can relax in the spa with many massage and relaxation options.

Sato Castle spa lobby

You also have access to the 24-hour front desk, where you can book tours of Taipei’s sites like Taipei 101, Taipei Botanical Gardens, the Chiang Kai Shek Memorial, and many museums and memorial sites.

Sato Castle spa foot bath
No. 75, Jingye 2nd Road, Zhongshan District, Taipei City, Taiwan 10466