Sekeping Serendah - Natural Retreat Near Kuala LumpurSekeping  

Not so much a hotel as a nature retreat, Sekeping Serendah consists of transparent open sheds that are specially designed to create a simple state of relaxation and communion with nature.

There are seven private sheds secluded among the shades of the rainforest. This retreat provides a tech-free environment just one hour from Kuala Lumpur city.

Your room has all the comforts you need, including a microwave, hot drink maker, and shower. Here, you can relax to the sounds of the rainforest on your private balcony or terrace.

There is plenty to do around here. Walk to the waterfall and jump into a plunge pool hewn from the bedrock by the cascading water. Then, visit the local Orang Asli Villages or the nearby International Orchid Farm with its strange and beautiful flowers.

You can go jungle trekking with local guides too. Staying here is about having fun in a calm, natural way, free from the demands of city life.

Photos by David Lok, STUDIO DL
Sekeping Serendah Glass Shed 1

Glass Shed 1

Glass Shed 1 exterior
Glass Shed 1 living room from top

Glamping is the luxury variant of camping, and an overnight stay in the middle of the lush green rainforest is a unique experience.

Glass Shed 1 living room

The Sekeping Serendah Retreat offers quirky accommodations surrounded by the jungle's inhabitants, like monkeys and parrots.

Glass Shed 1 room

The open-air room at Sekeping Serendah gets you in close contact with the jungle's flora and fauna, while the rooftop keeps you dry.

Glass Shed 1 bedroom

Glass Shed 2

Glass Shed 2

The private rooms open to a terrace surrounded by the rainforest.

Glass Shed 2 transparent jungle room
Glass Shed 2

A top quality 285 holes per square inch mosquito net keeps you safe from malaria and the annoyance of being bitten.

Transparent jungle room

Malay House

Malay House
Malay House corridor
Malay House kitchen
Malay House room
Jungle toilet
Malay House bedroom
Malay House bed view

Mud Shed

Mud House terrace
Mud House living room
Mud House interior

Timber House

Timber House
Timber House interior
Timber House room

Warehouse 1

Warehouse 1
Jungle warehouse
Jungle warehouse shed
Warehouse 1 room

Warehouse 2

Warehouse 2
Warehouse 2 decoration
Warehouse 2 kitchen
Warehouse 2 dining
Warehouse styling
Warehouse 2 beds
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