Accommodation types: Nature   Tent
Location: Arusha  Tanzania  Africa
Shu'mata Camp - Mystical Place With Views On KilimanjaroShu'mata  

Shu’Mata is Maasai for the mystical place of perfection above the clouds. And when you gaze at the ice-flashing peaks of Kilimanjaro from Shu’Mata Camp you will see why the tribesmen chose this name. The camp itself is at the foot of the highest mountain in Africa which is still high enough for you to see for miles – out across the Savannah with herds of wildebeest, elephant, and zebra sweeping majestically across the horizon.

You stay in a comfortable safari tent with an en-suite bathroom that is decorated in the 1920s style with colorful Maasai art and exotic rugs. You have your own veranda and open fireplace so you can sense something of what the Dark Continent was once like. Further out into the bush then its sister Hotel, the Hatari Lodge, the Shu’Mata Camp makes for a more intense experience deep in the Maasai lands where you are out among the animals.

Shu'mata Camp
Shu'mata Camp and Kilimanjaro in the background
Shu'mata Camp close to Arusha
Shu'mata Camp at sunset
Shu'mata Camp tents
Shu'mata Camp living space
Shu'mata Camp rugs and pillows
Shu'mata Camp chess
Shu'mata Camp room
Shu'mata Camp bathroom
Shu'mata Camp shower
Shu'mata Camp bathroom decoration
Shu'mata Camp tent interior
Shu'mata Camp open tent
Shu'mata Camp veranda at night
Shu'mata Camp terrace
Shu'mata Camp dining in the nature
Shu'mata Camp tribesman
Dining with view on giraffes
Shu'mata Camp open camp fire
Shu'mata Camp chairs in the open nature
Animal spotting
Woman interacting with kids from a Tanzanian tribe
Arusha National Park safari
Arusha National Park
Arusha National Park elephants
Arusha National Park leopards
Arusha National Park sunset
Arusha National Park hills
Sudamboseli, Arusha, Tanzania
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