Storfjord Hotel - Traditional Scandi-Style Architecture With Sod (Grass!) RoofStorfjord  

This hotel is a Lafta building. Lafta is an ancient way of building houses in Norway. Timber is dried for two years, specially cut and slotted into place like a magnificent jigsaw. Lambswool is used for insulation. The result is a cozy, environmentally friendly place to stay. And what a location. The hotel is located on private land amongst a million-treed protected forest. The view is of the Sunnmore Alps and Storfjorden, near the UNESCO World Heritage sites of Geirangerfjord and Hjorundfjord.

Your room is individually designed and has underfloor heating for some toasty warm toes. Some rooms have views of the striking fjords. The candle-lit timbered hall will remind you of the Old Norse sagas and the winter draws in you will want to taste the fresh seafood, local produce, and game from the forest. As for activities, well, at the risk of sounding hyperbolic, anything done outdoors in this spectacular place will certainly be woven into your soul for the rest of your life.

Location: Skodje  Norway  West Europe
Storfjord Hotel front
Storfjord Hotel from the balcony
Storfjord Hotel lounge
Storfjord Hotel dining hall
Storfjord Hotel long traditional table
Storfjord Hotel living room
Storfjord Hotel traditional wooden room
Storfjord Hotel Blabaer room
Blabaer room with red bed
Storfjord Hotel room
Selje room at Storfjord Hotel
View on the fjords from the Storfjord Hotel
View on the lake from the garden
Cycling in the nature
Snowy View
Hot Tub
Swimming in the Fjord
Øvre Glomset, 6260 Skodje, Norway