Talist Siwa - Traditional Eco Clay Houses In EgyptTalist Siwa  

Talist Siwa in Egypt is an ecological lifestyle experience. Talist means ‘Lake’ in the local Amazig language, and that’s exactly where this lodge is located – next to the Siwa Lake close to the Libyan border. It has a stunning view of the Jafar and Al Gary Mountains. This family-operated eco-lodge is built from locally available natural materials, and post-sunset, only candle lights, and lanterns are used for lighting. Electricity is only provided for charging your electronic devices. Prepare for a mythical experience at night as you were part of the Game of Thrones. The comfy, Beduin-style rooms have colorful, traditionally made rugs. It's up to you if you prefer to stay in a bungalow or a suite. The traditional homemade organic food is prepared by the owner, Mrs. Nabila, which is a nice combination with a candlelight dinner.

The Talist Siwa has an underground water-fed swimming pool, where you can cool down on a hot day. With little to no light pollution, Siwa is a magical place for stargazers. You can also engage in organic farming, or you could visit the Mountain of the Dead, Shali Old Town, the local market, or the Siwian House. Head for a desert safari on an off-road vehicle, and you will find green patches deep in the sand dunes of the Sahara around the Bir Wahed hot mineral water spring, where you can take a dip. Another option is the Shiyata, where you can swim in a saltwater lake.

What you are getting here then is simplicity, beauty, and tranquility in the warm company of the owners.

Location: Siwa  Egypt  Middle East
Talist Siwa General view of the hotel and the surrounding Sahara

Talist Siwa two room clay house exterior

Talist Siwa candlelit dinner

Candlelit dinner

Talist Siwa entrance of double room

Talist Siwa twin beds

Talist Siwa salt window

Salt Windows

Talist Siwa suite

Talist Siwa suite with day light

Talist Siwa bathroom

Talist Siwa quadruple bungalow room

Quadruple Bungalow Room

Gas lamp in the Sahara

Gas lamps are used to light at night

Underground-water filled pool at Talist Siwa

Underground-water filled pool

Siwa Oasis sunset

Al Maraqi Road، Qesm Siwah, Matrouh Governorate 99999, Egypt