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The New Monte Rosa Hut - Eco-Futuristic Alpine ArchitectureThe New  
Monte Rosa Hut

This hut is owned by the Swiss Alpine Authority and was designed by professors and students of architecture and eco-design from Lucerne University and ETH Zurich (Swiss Federal Institute of Technology).

The crystal-shaped building is designed to make sunlight spiral inside while redistributing thermal body heat from occupants to heat the lodge naturally. It combines a wooden interior with an aluminum and glass shell to reveal amazing views of the Gorner Glacier. Excess energy is stored in valve-regulated lead-acid accumulators, which will provide power in darkness. The water is produced from melting glaciers then collected and stored in a large reservoir 40 meters above the hut.

Partially, it is used as a research station and an example of how energy and resources can be used with maximum efficiency. If you book, you get all the good stuff for a pleasant hiking experience. Dinner and breakfast are included in the price, as well as tea for your thermos on the next day to get you started.

The New Monte Rosa Hut in winter
The New Monte Rosa Hut view from the top with mountains in the background
The New Monte Rosa Hut
The New Monte Rosa Hut up close
The New Monte Rosa Hut in the night
The New Monte Rosa Hut interior details
The New Monte Rosa Hut wooden restaurant
The New Monte Rosa Hut rooms
The New Monte Rosa Hut room
3920 Zermatt, Switzerland
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