Sandaya Alicourts Resort - Luxury Treehouses In French Country ResortSandaya  
Alicourts Resort

Want to know what area of France is so beautiful it is often called “The Garden of France”? What if I also told you of an amazing place to stay as well? Don’t worry it caters to single, couple, and family groups. That would be pretty great right? But that’s what Uniq Hotels is all about and we’ve got a great place here for you. Just check out these photos! Of course, I am talking about the Tree Houses Alicourts.

These are entirely eco-friendly and have no running water or electricity. Breakfast is brought to your door in the morning. You will have access to the whole Alicourts resort including a top wellness spa, swimming lake, and indoor pool complex. And that’s not all, there are activities for everyone – from golf to volleyball, from skateboarding to kayaking. The resort carries on the eco-policy from the treehouse to the pleasure complex. Indeed, 50% of their electricity comes from renewable sources.

Tree Houses Alicourts
Tree Houses Alicourts dining on the terrace
Tiny tree house window
Tree Houses Alicourts interior
Tree Houses Alicourts room
Tree Houses Alicourts bed
Leaf shaped window on the tree house

Tree house for 2 people

Tree house for 2 people
Tree Houses Alicourts for two
Tree Houses Alicourts in the nature
Inner wood structure of the tree house
Alicourts tree house

Tree house for 4 people

Tree house for 4 people
Alicourts tree house for 4
Alicourts tree house terrace
Alicourts tree house building

Tree house for 6 people

Tree house for 6 people
Tree house bed
Tree house room
Tree house with large terrace
Les Alicourts, Pierrefitte-sur-Sauldre, France