The Woodman's Treehouse - Luxury Treehouse In Dorset For A London Weekend GetawayThe Woodman's  

Did you dream of living in a treehouse as a child? Well, the Woodman's Treehouse in Dorset, UK, is exactly like that except a lot fancier and designer-looking than your scraped-knee eight-year-old self had imagined.

Set in the canopy of an old oak, Woodman's Treehouse is playful and luxurious at the same time. Made entirely of wood and accessible only through a rope bridge, it takes inspiration from the adventure story treehouses. Yet, at the same time, it features such high-end elements as a copper hot tub on the upper deck or a rotating fireplace that turn the childhood dream into an adult's playground.

With its well-equipped kitchen (plus a wood-fired pizza oven, because why not), the Treehouse is self-sustained and makes for a great weekend break from the city life (it's only a three-hour drive away from London). The activities are simple but delightful. Whether it's staring at the blue sky through the skylight over your bed, swinging in a hammock on the deck, enjoying the outdoor hot shower, or indulging in a treehouse sauna. If you are into something more active, try Guy Mallinson's Crafty Camping woodworking courses.

The Woodman's Treehouse

This is an excellent example of the "Live and let live" type of architecture. The designers built the treehouse around an ancient tree instead of cutting it down.

The Woodman's Treehouse log wall facade

Woodman's treehouse has a terrace and a rooftop balcony with an outdoor hot tub.

The Woodman's Treehouse bridge

Walk through the suspended bridge to enter the Woodman's Treehouse.

The Woodman's Treehouse bridge towards the entrance

Fairy-tale-like environment beneath the canopy of aged oaks.

The Woodman's Treehouse entrance door

Come on board! The nautical-themed door is the entrance to a unique hideaway.

The Woodman's Treehouse front door

The Woodman's Treehouse kitchen

The Woodman's Treehouse toilet

Do not let the design fool you. These pieces of wood are not for throwing them into the firepit but for aesthetics.

The Woodman's Treehouse sauna

The sauna's interior is fully covered by natural wood, from bottom to top.

The Woodman's Treehouse fireplace in the livingroom

The centerpiece revolving wood burner sets the mood where it's the most needed. Are you preparing a steamy hot bath? Then, pull the fireplace towards you to enjoy the view of the crackling fire.

The Woodman's Treehouse copper bathtub with view on the forest

There is a roll-top copper bath inside the striking black-painted bathroom with a see-through glass floor and a large window overlooking the terrace. Spot the creative industrial design bits on the photo!

The Woodman's Treehouse bedroom

The bedroom is lit by natural sunlight shining through its cut-out roof. Enjoy the morning sunshine and the starry night from the same spot!

The Woodman's Treehouse bedroom with view on the outdoor shower

The Woodman's Treehouse Outdoor Shower

Outdoor Shower in the Forest at The Woodman's Treehouse

The Woodman's Treehouse Outdoor Bathtub

The Woodman's Treehouse Terrace

The Woodman's Treehouse Tree Trunk

The Woodman's Treehouse Terrace Grill

The Woodman's Treehouse Hammock on the Terrace

The Woodman's Treehouse Hammock with Forest Panorama

Woodland Workshop, Holditch, Chard TA20 4NL