Bayside Marina Hotel - Ship Container Hotel From JapanBayside Marina  

Minimalism meets reclaimed structures in a pretty Japanese harbor. Visionary architects, Yasutaka Yoshimura, have based their design for chic holiday cottages on ship containers.

The containers are stacked on top of each other to create two floors. One end is all glass, and the walls are white to reflect light and create a surprisingly spacious interior.

Type: Concept   Design
Location: Yokohama  Japan  East Asia

The units were assembled in Thailand and are situated with all their windows facing out into the harbor for visual privacy.

Bayside Marina Hotel at the sea

They are stacked and assembled haphazardly, but that is the point.

Bayside Marina Hotel container buildings

The designers wanted to create an unusual ‘organic’ space.

Bayside Marina Hotel container exterior

Gardens have been planted between the units, and there are concrete walkways between cottages to group the space into an easy-to-navigate system.

Bayside Marina Hotel entrance

You may be reminded of the classic 1960s series, ‘The Prisoner’, because of the white-washed walls and unusually shaped structures.

Bayside Marina Hotel entrance design

But, unlike The Prisoner, you will be allowed to leave without huge floating spheres swallowing you up.

Bayside Marina Hotel design
Bayside Marina Hotel exterior
Container hotel
Ship container hotel room

The sleeping area overlooks the bottom level, so high ceilings are left intact. There is also a compact bathroom.

Bayside Marina Hotel room

Photos by Yasutaka Yoshimura

Ship container hotel interior
Bayside Marina Hotel terrace
Japanese food at Bayside Marina Hotel
Yokohama Bayside Marina, Japan