CitizenM Amsterdam - Automation And Mini Design RoomsCitizenM  

When you arrive at Citizen M, the unusual check-in is the first thing you notice. Rather like online check-in for flights, you just enter your details into a computer terminal and you are then issued with your room key. The ‘M’ stands for ‘Mobile Citizen of the World’ – it should really be ‘MCW’ but let’s not quibble.

The hotel is located in a residential neighborhood and you may have to catch a 10-minute tram journey to get to the cultural area of this great European city. But there is plenty to see and do when you get there. Your uniquely compact room is mostly taken up by a large bed with pillows in its center, allowing you to sleep in any direction. You control the lighting, TV, and music in your room from your own ‘mood pad’ which is high-tech but also easy to use.

You can make use of the lobby which is also a 24-hour canteen, TV room, workspace, and library. When you leave your room keycard doubles as a luggage tag so you can recognize other ‘Citizen M’ people around the world. And, presumably, become the best of friends.

CitizenM Amsterdam
CitizenM Amsterdam check-in
CitizenM Amsterdam shop
CitizenM Amsterdam canteen
CitizenM Amsterdam living room
CitizenM Amsterdam living room
CitizenM Amsterdam living room
CitizenM Amsterdam work place with Mac computers
CitizenM Amsterdam corridor with red carpet
CitizenM Amsterdam compact luxury room
CitizenM Amsterdam capsule room
CitizenM Amsterdam hotel room
Prinses Irenestraat 30, 1077 MX Amsterdam, Netherlands