Accommodation types: Mountain   Traditional
Location: Imlil  Morocco  Africa
Douar Samra - Homestay Experience in The Atlas Mountains at a Berber Family
Douar Samra  

Forget the anonymous and characterless hotel stays. At Douar Samra, you will know everyone’s name (even the donkey’s!) and you’ll be a part of the family. It’s a traditional Berber home which had been restored as a guesthouse but didn’t lose its original character. Set in Imlil Valley, in the Atlas Mountains, it promises breath-taking views at every turn, especially from the rooftop terraces.

Each room has its own name and unique décor, but they have a lot in common: they’re all warm, cozy and homely. Isn’t quilts, woollen rugs, a tiny fireplace and exposed wooden beams the most heart-warming combination ever? If you want more privacy, there is also a tree house hidden away among the leaves, where you can rest on your own private balcony.

In a beautiful location like this, the activities are plentiful. You can go on one of the many guided hikes: to the holy shrine of Sidi Chamarouch, to a stunning waterfall, around the nearby villages or on a two day hike to welcome the sunrise at the Toubkal Summit. When you’re not out and about in the mountains, explore of the property itself. There are many quiet corners to hide away and simply marvel at the views, and you should definitely take advantage of the hammam with wood-burning stoves.

Although the place is remote, it only takes less than two hours to reach it from Marrakesh. Once you get to Imlil, you will hike up to the hotel with the help of the friendly donkey, Jules, who will carry your luggage.

The mud building of Douar Samra in Imlil
Douar Samra guesthouse
Douar Samra and the donkeys
Flowers and Douar Samra building
Douar Samra Moroccan style lounge
Douar Samra cozy Moroccan room with three beds
Douar Samra room with a fireplace
Douar Samra windows to the Atlas Mountains
Douar Samra room
Douar Samra balcony
Douar Samra garden with the tree house
Douar Samra terrace at night
Douar Samra rooftop terrace with Toubkal peak view
Douar Samra view on the snowy Atlas Mountains
Toubkal peak
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