Henn-Na Hotel - Japanese Robot HotelHenn-na  

Staffed by multilingual robots (yes, robots), travelers are sure to have a memorable stay at the Henn-na Hotel located in Nagasaki, Japan. Robots (one of which is an English-speaking dinosaur robot) serve to check guests in, and porter robots will carry luggage up to the guest rooms.

Of course, a human staff is also on hand for guests 24/7 should a problem arise, but robots make up the primary staff - and, yes, you can talk to them.

One of the Japanese definitions of “henn” means “to change,” which represents the hotel’s commitment “for evolution in striving for the extraordinary sensation and comfort that lies beyond the ordinary.”

Another quirk of this innovative hotel is facial recognition; with keyless locking and entry, guests need not worry about forgetting key cards during their stay. However, if facial recognition technology isn’t your thing, you can request a card key if you wish.

Travelers should note that there is no restaurant or room service/microwaves at the Henn-na Hotel. However, there is a restaurant within walking distance.

The concept of the hotel is to provide the minimum necessary to remove “useless amenities.” But don’t fret - there’s free WiFi!

Type: Concept


Henn-na Hotel building

At the reception, robots will wait for you to check you in. Face-scanning machines allow you to have a futuristic key and card-free hotel experience. After your face scan is ready, you can open your door via a face scanner.

Henn-na Hotel font desk robot check-in

There are some humanoid robots too at Henn na Hotel, and they speak multiple languages.

Henn na Hotel Robot woman

Are you having a problem carrying around heavy luggage? No worries, the hotel has luggage-carrying robots as well.

Henn-na Hotel porter robot

In this cloakroom, the automated robotic arm will store your luggage for you if you happen to arrive early or you need somewhere to keep it after check-out.

Simply place your bag in the "Baggage Handling Door", and the robot does the rest.

Robot cloak room

The state-of-the-art tablet has a face recognition system to unlock your hotel room.

Henn-na Hotel facial recognition system

Japanese-style room of the future with clever technology all around. The hotel's Radiant Panel Air Conditioning System uses electromagnetic waves to transfer heat to keep a perfect temperature inside.

In addition, the motion sensors automatically shut the lights off if you leave your room.

Henn-na Hotel deluxe room

Standard Type room with 28 m2 (301 ft2) of space.

Henn-na Hotel superior room
Henn-na Hotel tablet

All guest rooms have a cutting-edge "radiant panel" air conditioning system that keeps a pleasant temperature at all times.

Henn-na Hotel radiant panel

The Café Corner features an outdoor terrace.

Henn-na Hotel café corner
859-3243 Huis Ten Bosch Machi, Sasebo, Nagasaki Prefecture, Japan