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The I Resort - Nha Trang - Magic Mud And MineralsThe I Resort  

Perhaps it’s a generalization but Vietnamese people do have smooth, young-looking skin. Perhaps it is because they know the secrets of the mudbath. Scientists know that that I-Resort’s mudbaths have a high Bromine and mineral content and some say soaking in it has magically rejuvenating effects. It is claimed to be effective against all skin disorders and arthritis.

After bathing in the mud you can move on to the mineral water baths, hot springs and then take a massage in the beautiful spa area. The mineral-packed mud is also used for a number of beauty treatments, facials, and scrubs. The swimming pool is set against the sunny mountain scenery with fresh snacks served from thatched huts. The architects used local materials such as rock, wood, and coconut leaf to make the buildings and local flowers and fauna to soften the environment. The overall effect is so good the I-Resort was honored by the Asian Architecture Award 2013.

I Resort
I Resort entrance
I Resort restaurant
I Resort corridors
I Resort tables
I Resort relax
I Resort spa lockers
I Resort rounded pool
I Resort at night
I Resort pool at night
pool at night
I Resort bedroom
room with plunge pool
I Resort room
plunge pool
I Resort kitchen
I Resort sauna
I Resort massage
I Resort circle pool
swimming pool
fun in the pool
mud pools
mineral mud pools and waterfalls
mineral mud pools from above
To 19 - Xuan Ngoc - Vinh Ngoc - Nha Trang - Khanh Hoa, Vietnam
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