Kelebek Cave Hotel - Mythical Rock Formations In CappadociaKelebek  
Cave Hotel

‘Kelebek’ means ‘the butterfly’ in Turkish so-called because of its two fairy chimneys that rise from the rocks like the wings of a butterfly. Set in the mythical lands of Cappadocia, the rock formations that created the hotel date back to a pre-historical volcanic eruption. For thousands of years, people have lived among these caverns and caves.

The earliest mention of the rock villages of Cappadocia is in a Persian text from 6th Century BC. The ‘Cappadocians’ are mentioned in writings by the first historian, Herodotus. He referred to them as ‘the White Syrians’. The Bible also mentions the Cappadocians as one of the first groups of people to receive the Gospel. Originating from Armenia and Greece, the Cappadocian people speak a unique dialect known as ‘Cappadocian Greek’.

Your stay at the Hotel Kelebek allows you to experience the unusual interior of their traditional cave dwellings. You can also select a room that used to house a medieval monk, and some rooms contain ancient mosaics. The hotel has all the modern conveniences you need so you can spend your days exploring this fascinating part of the world.

Type: Cave   Traditional
Location: Goreme  Turkey  Middle East
Kelebek Cave Hotel and view on Goreme in Turkey
Kelebek Cave Hotel
Kelebek Cave Hotel at night
Kelebek Cave Hotel building
Kelebek Cave Hotel and the swimming pool and night
Kelebek Cave Hotel garden top view at night
Kelebek Cave Hotel garden with relaxing people
Kelebek Cave Hotel garden
Garden and the cave hotel
Kelebek hotel garden
Oldtimer car at the entrance of Kelebek Cave Hotel
Entrance to the hotel and cave balcony
Kelebek Cave Hotel stone stairs
Kelebek Cave Hotel room
Kelebek Cave Hotel bathroom
Kelebek hotel room
Cave hotel room
Luxury room in Kelebek Cave Hotel
Sleeping in a cave
Kelebek Cave Hotel private cave terrace
Kelebek Cave Hotel rooftop terrace with people enjoying in the evening
Aydinli Mah. Yavuz Sok. No:1 Goreme, 50180 Goreme