Accommodation types: Igloo   Nature
Location: Levi  Finland  East Europe
Levin Iglut - Golden Crown - Glass Igloos With Views On The Wilderness
Levin Iglut  
Golden Crown

Lapland, Finland, is where you’ll find the most magical igloos in the world! If you love cozying up as snow gathers outside of your window, Levin Iglut is the place for you. Each igloo is not only perfectly decorated but equipped with heated non-fogging glass, air conditioning, a kitchen, shower, and toilet. There’s even Wi-Fi for those who want to share every bit of their adventure on social media!

The main draw to staying at Levin Iglut is the opportunity to witness the dance of the Northern Lights as they illuminate the sky above. Encapsulated in glass, guests will have the best seat in the world to view nature’s most gorgeous show. The Northern Lights season runs from the end of August to the end of April, so it’s best to book your stay sometime between then!

If you’re looking to taste Scandinavian cuisine, the Restaurant Aurora Sky won’t disappoint. Guests can dine on the upper floor to enjoy an unobstructed view of the sky or choose to stay on the ground floor with a cozy fireplace atmosphere. The restaurant is open to guests and non-guests alike, so it’s best to book a table in advance.

Levin Iglut restaurant exterior
Levin Iglut restaurant with fireplace
Levin Iglut restaurant with windows on the snowy nature
Levin Iglut igloos around the snowy road
Levin Iglut igloos at nightfall
Levin Iglut igloos with Northern Lights
Levin Iglut igloo interior
Levin Iglut igloo kitchen
Levin Iglut igloo sofas with snowy nature views
Levin Iglut igloo views on the spring nature of Lapland from your bed
Couple in the bed in the igloo staring at the Northern Lights
Girl reading in the bed in the igloo with snow outside
Blond model girl reading in bed with a coffee in the igloo with snow outside
Old couple looking at the Northern Lights from the bed of their igloo at Levin Iglut
Lapland Northern Lights at Levi
Snowy Lapland views from the top tip of the igloo at Levin Iglut
Levin Iglut outdoor snowy jacuzzi
Harjatie 4, 99130 Levi, Finland
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