Accommodation types: Desert   Nature
Location: Madaba  Jordan  Middle East
Ma'In Hot Springs Resort & Spa - Hotel In The Desert With Its Own WaterfallMa'In  
Hot Springs

The Ma’In Hot Springs emerges as an oasis from the dramatic terrain of the Jordanian landscape. Located in close proximity to the capital city, Amman, and the Dead Sea, this is the perfect destination for those seeking a relaxing and pampering retreat. The outstanding hospitality and the therapeutic benefits of the hot spring and waterfall create a serene and welcoming atmosphere.

Each room incorporates natural materials into the studio layout to highlight the natural beauty of your surroundings. Each room includes a private balcony and a sitting area where you can relax and enjoy the breathtaking views.

There are a wide variety of services and facilities available to guests, but the Cascade Spa is surely the jewel of this oasis. It is situated directly beneath a natural hot spring waterfall which cascades into the relaxation pool. The spa is located in a separate building with ten treatment rooms and a steam cave to create an intimate and peaceful environment. The mineral-rich waters and signature treatments provide a purely rejuvenating experience.

Ma'in Hot Springs in the Jordanian desert valley
Ma'in Hot Springs building in the valley
Ma'in Hot Springs in the rock desert
Ma'in Hot Springs lounge
Ma'in Hot Springs room
Ma'in Hot Springs bedroom with balcony and views on the desert mountains
Ma'in Hot Springs balcony
Ma'in Hot Springs balcony breakfast with panorama
Arabic mezzah
Romantic dinner at Ma'in Hot Springs
Breakfast by the waterfall
Ma'in Hot Springs rock pool with waterfall
Ma'in Hot Springs pool
Ma'in Hot Springs big pool and rock hill behind
Ma'in Hot Springs panoramic view on the pool
Jordanian desert waterfall
P.O.Box 801 Madaba, Ma'in 11117, Jordan
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