Accommodation types: Capsule   Design   Hostel
Location: New Delhi  India  South Asia
Minimalist Poshtel - Japanese-Style Capsules And Scandinavian Suites In New DelhiMinimalist  

The new creation of Poshtel is located in Hauz Khas Village's green neighborhood. It's the twin brother of the LetsBunk Boutique Hotel right across the road. Poshtel manages to cleverly fuse classic Swedish and Japanese minimalist interiors in a pleasant package for a wide array of travelers.

The posh hostel part is essentially two beautifully executed types of hostel rooms. A Scandinavian-style room with bunk beds and walls painted in soft colors, wooden bed frames, airy space, and green plants. The other one is the re-invention of the Japanese capsules, but with an extra high ceiling, so you would never feel claustrophobic like you would normally on a top bunk bed. Need some privacy? The private rooms are boutique-hotel-level nice with an abundance of natural light. Go for the top-floor penthouse apartment, and the rooftop terrace is so big, you can organize a yoga class. I'm not just saying this; you can rent this apartment for events too.

They thought about the generation of digital nomads too. Cool little corner rooms with huge windows overlooking the trees were dedicated to co-working space. The on-site Social Kitchen is a get-together space where you can share food and discuss the itinerary of your trip to India. They even have a Pizzeria that comes in handy for the movie nights organized by Poshtel.

Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Building
Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Reception
Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Hanging Chairs
Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Social Kitchen Dining
Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Kitchen
Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Corridor
Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Entrance To The Japanese Capsules

Japanese-Style Capsules

Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Japanese-Style Capsules

Quadruple Hostel Room

Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Scandinavian Design Hostel Room
Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Quad Bunk Beds Room

Twin Room

Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Twin Room
Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Working Corner

King Room

King Room

Junior Suite

Minimalist Poshtel & Suites Junior Suite
Junior Suite Bedroom

Hygge Studio Apartment

Hygge Studio Apartment
Studio Apartment

Penthouse Apartment

Penthouse Apartment
T47, Hauz Khas Village, Deer Park, Hauz Khas, New Delhi, Delhi 110016, India
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