Morosani Fiftyone - Future Hotel DesignMorosani  

Fiftyone is an automatic hotel which means there is no concierge, no receptionist, and definitely no yoga teachers. You book your room online and check-in using a computer that ejects an electric keycard.

The hotel only provides you with a room that has an LCD TV, high-speed internet, and bathroom mirrors with televisions inlaid. The interior blends traditional Alpine wood with a modern industrial design. The hotel owner operates another lodging nearby in case the machines become sentient and decide to kidnap you in your room… but don’t worry that will probably never happen.

There is a breakfast bar opposite the hotel and a room full of vending machines selling coffee, crispbread, and fruit to keep you satisfied during your stay. If you want to treat yourself to the spa experience it is available at a sister hotel nearby. Fiftyone is fully serviced and there is even a turndown service available from the friendly android, Phil5000… not really it’s actually a human chambermaid.

Type: Concept   Design

Computer check-in

Morosani Fiftyone hotel entrance
Morosani Fiftyone lobby
Morosani Fiftyone corridor
Morosani Fiftyone room
Morosani Fiftyone hotel room
double bed room
double bed
single bed
Promenade 50, 7270 Davos Platz, Switzerland