The hotels listed here are a piece of cinematic history. Can you resist staying in an iconic hotel like the Timberline Lodge which was used for filming The Shining? Some hotels have been designed by eccentric and brilliant director, Emir Kusturica, who actually built a hotel based on his film “Life is Miracle.” Check out the list and find your favorite movie!
Movie Hotels
'Here's Johnny!' Well, your concierge actually; make sure you tip him well as you are about to take a room in the gorgeous and ghoulish Timberline Lodge, the location for the classic horror film, 'The Shining'. Joking aside, this incredible structure was built entirely by hand in the 1930s, and …
Accommodation types: Mountain   Movie
du Toubkal
The Kasbah du Toubkal was conceived more as a Berber hospitality center than a hotel. It was designed to be eco-friendly and sustainable; 5% of all profits go directly to local villages making education a reality for the young people who live there. Originally, the summer home of a local …
Accommodation types: Mountain   Movie   Traditional
Location: Imlil  Morocco  Africa