Eden Motel Taiwan - Batman Themed Hotel RoomEden Motel  

The rent-by-the-hour Eden Motel is set in the middle of the bustling Kaohsiung City in Taiwan. The 22 themed rooms come in four flavors: World – virtual travel to faraway countries; fantasy – romantic and love overdose settings; fashion – quirky rooms with barbwire and design that would make Christian Grey blush; and our favorite, the Batman suite.

The carefully designed world of Gotham features a large Batman bed, a mini Batman mobile that seems to function as a sofa, Batman posters and logos all over, and a TV to watch your favorite Batman movie or something else.

Did I mention that the minimum stay is 3 hours? Not days, hours. This begs the question, is it the perfect playground for your kids to enjoy the mystical world of Batman or something else?

Anyhow. Eden Motel is definitely worth a visit if you are in Taiwan. For the price of two cinema tickets, you could enjoy the movie of your choice from the hot tub in your room. How cool is that!

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Eden Motel Taiwan building
Eden Motel Taiwan love suite
Eden Motel Taiwan jacuzzi
Eden Motel Taiwan ocean room
Eden Motel Taiwan rainforest room
Eden Motel Taiwan rainforest spa
Eden Motel Taiwan sexy room
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Batman Cave Room

Eden Motel Taiwan Batman Cave Room
Eden Motel Batman theme room with batmobile
Eden Motel Batman room bed
Eden Motel Batman themed suite
Batman bed
No. 1685, Yucheng Road, Gushan District, Kaohsiung City, Taiwan 804