Accommodation types: Capsule   Design   Hostel
Location: Bilbao  Spain  West Europe
Optimi Rooms - Futuristic Capsules In BilbaoOptimi Rooms  

The capsule hotel movement originating from Japan is spreading through the whole world. Originally started as a means to drive down the accommodation prices, it has now entered a new era. Travelers are no longer satisfied with cheap but crowded and overly simple rooms. Optimi Rooms in Balbao is set to change this. They took inspiration from the Japanese capsules and then applied an avant-garde style to distinguish it from the rest.

The bold minimalist interiors feature metallic corridors with sharp-edged panels in gloss white color. The striking white spaces are contrasted by black fragments and walls made of moss, creating an atmosphere more similar to a future space station than a hotel. The man behind the concept is Jan Arrabal, based in Madrid, who knew exactly how to incorporate avant-garde design in what is essentially a hostel.

Optimi Rooms like to call their capsules "rest stations" to underline the step up in comfort and space. You can choose between single and double "rest stations". They are equipped with wireless headphones, a ventilation system, chargers, built-in LCD screens, safes, adjustable lights, and even a fire extinguisher – in case someone forgets it's a non-smoking place. And, of course, your capsule includes a comfy memory foam mattress with ergonomic pillows.

Optimi Rooms Reception
Optimi Rooms Capsule Hotel Interior
Optimi Rooms Futuristic Design
Optimi Rooms Avant-Garde Interior
Optimi Rooms Bilbao Hotel Interior
Optimi Rooms Dining Room With Moss Wall
Optimi Rooms White Corridor
Optimi Rooms Locker Room
Optimi Rooms Bathroom
Optimi Rooms Capsule Room
Optimi Rooms Capsules
Optimi Rooms Futuristic Capsule Hotel
Optimi Rooms Capsule Interior
Optimi Rooms Capsule Hotel With A Girl
C, Areiltza Doktorearen Zumarkalea, 58, Bajo, 48010 Bilbao, Biscay, Spain
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