Salt and Sill Floating Hotel - Fastest Floating Sauna In The WorldSalt  
& Sill

Forget staying in a hotel by the sea. How about staying in one in the sea? Your room in this unique hotel is on a floating platform in the beautiful Swedish fjords. Each 2-story unit was built off-site and towed to Klädesholmen where each piece was permanently moored ready for the grand opening in 2008.

If you choose to take the suite you will enjoy unobstructed views of the fjord which you can enjoy while relaxing in your outdoor Jacuzzi. The idea was to associate the rooms with delicious food. So, each room is named after a spice used in the hotel’s unusual floating restaurant which specializes in raw and traditional Nordic fare. You can enjoy the ‘fastest floating sauna in the world’. This is great because I always thought my sauna experience could be improved by a rate of knots. The sauna is located on a boat which also has conference facilities. Perfect for doing shady business deals out in international waters…

Type: Boat   Floating
Salt and Sill docking
Salt and Sill hotel taken to the open sea
Salt and Sill hotel docked
Salt and Sill hotel
Salt and Sill and night
Salt and Sill terrace
Salt and Sill platform
Salt and Sill stairs
Salt and Sill hotel bar
Stairs and light coming through the windows
Room with sea view
Salt and Sill room
View on the sea
White room
Salt and Sill white room
room with balcony
Salt and Sill rooftop terrace
Salt and Sill rooftop terrace at night
Salt and Sill on the open sea
Klädesholmen, Sweden
471 51 Klädesholmen, Tjörn, Sweden