Berghaus Sulzfluh - Alpenhütte - Authentic Alpine Hut In SwitzerlandBerghaus Sulzfluh  

Sulzfluh Mountain Inn seems as if it came directly from a classic piece of literature; it is tucked into the end of a valley basin offering a magnificent view of the Swiss Alps, the mountain scenery of the Partnun Valley, and the community of Graubünden below. The hotel offers a rustic mountain atmosphere and vistas from its sun terrace. This traditional mountain lodge has been providing vacationers a mountain escape since 1875.

The hotel has several lounge rooms which promote a familial and social atmosphere. The “Old Room” is a common area large enough to host 60 people comfortably and is ideal for group parties and mingling with other guests. You can also relax on the 80 person sun deck and enjoy the majesty of your surroundings.

In 2003, the hotel began its journey into modernity and was upgraded to its current state. The refurbishing of the hotel helped to blend two centuries of history with modernity. There are a variety of rooms for single and double occupancy, family rooms with bunk beds, and a shared dormitory for a more immersive experience. Seven of the guestrooms have retained their nostalgic romance, lit only by candlelight to create the perfect ambiance for a couple’s retreat. Guests can even dine by the soft glow of the gas lamp in the hotel’s restaurant.

The hotel is located a mere 5 kilometers from the beautiful Church of Sankt Antonien and only 20 kilometers from the Sankt Antonien Ski Area. The hotel’s prime location offers the perfect starting point to explore the mountain via hiking, bike tours, snowshoeing trips, or ski tours. Even after two centuries, Sulzfluh Mountain Inn continues to provide an authentic experience for all vacationers seeking a rustic mountain getaway to fully enjoy the charm of St. Antonien.

Berghaus Sulzfluh
Sulzfluh mountain inn and the Swiss Alps
Sulzfluh restaurant
Sulzfluh suite
Sulzfluh suite dining room
Sulzfluh room
Sulzfluh traditional bedroom
Sulzfluh Mountain
7246 St. Antönien, Switzerland