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Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht - The World’s First On-Land Cruise ShipSun Cruise  

The world’s first on-land cruise ship, this hotel takes all the joy of a cruise ship and combines it with the usefulness of staying in one place. The sound of waves lapping at the hull is simulated, so you can imagine that you are on a cruise.

The location is on a cliff at Jeongdongjin beach, renowned for having the best sunrise in Korea. The revolving bar and lounge on the top floor allow you the best sunrise and sunset view.

Sun Cruise Resort And Yacht

The boat is 165 meters long, 45 meters high, and weighs an incredible 30,000 tons. God knows how they got it up on the cliff in the first place… perhaps it was stranded up there like Noah’s Ark after the flood.

Sun Cruise Resort & Yacht

Photo by Polly Heartie

Sun Cruise Resort cruise ship

Photo by Polly Heartie

Sun Cruise Resort 3D Stamp
Sun Cruise Resort interior

You will be spoiled for a choice of things to do as there is a lounge, nightclub, karaoke bar, seawater pool, and two restaurants.

Sun Cruise Resort wines
Sun Cruise Resort room
Sun Cruise Resort room with sea view

Your room is a nautical-themed condominium or hotel-style room and features a luxurious bed and entertainment center.

Sun Cruise Resort ship room

Check out the observation deck with its glass floor suspended above the crashing waves.

Sun Cruise Resort ship pool
Sun Cruise Resort pool

Photo by Polly Heartie


The ship is next to a park with a sculpture garden so you can wander through curios and beautiful flowers.

Theme park

Photo by Polly Heartie

50-10, Jeongdongjin-ri, Gangdong-myeon, Gangneung-si, Gangwon-do, South Korea
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