Yotel - Cozy, Mini New York Hotel Rooms With PanoramaYotel  

At Yotel, you get to spend the night in a luxury yacht cabin while having all the advantages of being in London, New York, or Amsterdam. Seasickness will not be a problem here, Captain! Each tiny room is a triumph of design.

The queen-sized beds are retractable, and some rooms even have a small bunk that emanates from the wall above the bed. Behind sliding doors, you will find your toilet and monsoon shower. Your room will have a workstation equipped with furiously fast wi-fi and a techno-wall with flatscreen TV and iPod dock.

At the airport hotels, you can hire cabins for 4-24 hours which is perfect for that 12-hour flight delay at Heathrow Airport. Instead of sighing with the other passengers, you can work or rest at Yotel. In its New York location, over 600 small rooms are available above a large restaurant where you can sit alongside friends and other guests at long tables.

I bet you can smell the sushi already. And if you want to pay more, you can take the ‘first cabin’ which is three times bigger than standard rooms. You can relax in your hot tub high in the Manhattan skyline and watch the night go by.

Type: Capsule   Design
Location: New York  USA  North America

YOTEL New York Times Square's main entrance

New York Yotel hotel exterior

The contactless check-in is done via self-service stations.

Yotel lobby with Yobot

Yobot, the robot of Yotel, will place your luggage automatically to safety if you want to go for a walk in the city.


Komyuniti is the place where you can find the Grab + Go espresso bar. They have takeaway meals, coffees, and a large space to hang out.

Yotel restaurant and bar in New York

Yotel cabins

Yotel room from the inside

The Corner Queen room's floor-to-ceiling windows offer a dream-like panorama of the Manhattan skyline and the Hudson River.

Yotel's Corner Queen Room

The Penthouse Suite King offers New York skyline panorama, including the Empire State Building. The floor-to-ceiling sliding doors open to a terrace with an outdoor tub.

Penthouse Suite King

Yotel terrace in New York

The Social Drink and Food is one of New York City's largest hotel rooftop terraces. Grab a craft cocktail and enjoy the panorama!

570 Tenth Avenue, New York, NY 10036, USA