Yunak Evleri - Cave Hotel In CappadociaYunak Evleri  

There’s something inherently thrilling about being in a cave. The environment is so different from what we usually experience. In your cave-room, no outside sounds penetrate the thick rock walls and a deep peace settles your soul as you take to your bed for the night. Rooms are decorated in traditional Ottoman style and you often find yourself at the top of the cliff in the Greek Villa, lounging on cushions, enjoying the cool Turkish night.

The cave dwellings date back to the 5th Century AD and the hotel is named after the ‘yunak’ or village fountain, where the women would gather to wash and talk. The ‘yunak’, therefore, was the center of village life and gave the hotel its name. You can take a hot air balloon ride over the Cappadocia region which is famous for its crazy rock formations, poetically named ‘fairy chimneys’. And then a real treat, you can witness the ceremony of Whirling Dervishes – an unusual religious practice where devotees literally spin around and around to achieve enlightenment. Pony trekking and mountain biking are alternative ways you can explore this unique and beautiful region.

Type: Cave   Traditional
Location: Urgup  Turkey  Middle East
Yunak Evleri from the top of the hill
Yunak Evleri caves
Yunak Evleri hotel and caves
Yunak Evleri front
Yunak Evleri exterior
Yunak Evleri entrance to the caves
Yunak Evleri at night
Entering Yunak Evleri hotel
Yunak Evleri relax room
Yunak Evleri sleeping room
Yunak Evleri cave room
Yunak Evleri rooftop terrace
Yunak Evleri rooftop terrace at sunset
Yunak Evleri rooftop restaurant
Yunak Evleri rooftop dining at night
Hookah and fireplace terrace for relaxing
Yunak Mahallesi 50400, Ürgüp / Nevşehir / Turkey