Accommodation types: Capsule   Design
Location: Kyoto  Japan  East Asia
9 Hours Capsule Hotel - Minimalist Ryokan Aesthetics
9 Hours  
Capsule Hotel

The idea behind this trendy capsule hotel chain in Kyoto, Narita, and Tokyo is that you get to sleep for ‘9 hours’. If sleeping for 9 hours is your idea of ultimate luxury, you are working too hard. Anyway, the concept here is simplicity and traditional Japanese hospitality.

You check-in, shower, and retire to your pod for sleep. Hire a pod for the night or just a refreshing nap. Toiletries and towels are provided as are disposable bedclothes if you do not have your pajamas on you. You pull a sliding screen to shut your pod - a traditional touch for a modern space. For a little more money you can stay in a luxury pod with an en suite shower.

The hotel brings traditional Ryokan aesthetics into the modern world; your pod is equipped with futons and tatami mats and all the staff wear kimonos. When it is time to sleep you control the ‘sleep ambient environment’ to help ease the claustrophobic sensation of being buried alive. When you awake, don’t forget to explore Kyoto’s incredible Gion geisha district which is nearby.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel Entrance
9 Hours Capsule Hotel Lobby
9 Hours Capsule Hotel seats
9 Hours Capsule Hotel corridor
9 Hours Capsule Hotel elevators
9 Hours Capsule Hotel
Sleeping in the capsule
9 Hours Capsule Hotel Lockers
Lockers close-up
9 Hours Capsule Hotel Bathroom
9 Hours Capsule Hotel Showers
9 Hours Capsule Hotel Toilet
9 Hours Capsule Hotel Clock
9 Hours Capsule Hotel Branding
588 Teianmaenocho Shijokudaru Teramachidori Shimogyo, 600-8031 Kyoto, Japan
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