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Capsule Hotel

The idea behind this trendy capsule hotel chain with locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Aichi, Fukuoka, and Miyagi, is that you get to sleep for 9 hours.

Of course, if sleeping for 9 hours is your idea of ultimate luxury, you work too hard. Anyway, the concept here is simplicity and traditional Japanese hospitality.

You check in, shower, and retire to your pod for sleep. Hire a pod for the night or just a refreshing nap.

Toiletries and towels are provided, as are disposable bedclothes if you do not have your pajamas on you.

You pull a sliding screen to shut your pod - a traditional touch for a modern space. You can stay in a luxury pod with an en suite shower for a little more money.

The hotel brings traditional Ryokan aesthetics into the modern world; your pod is equipped with futons and tatami mats, and all the staff wears kimonos.

When it is time to sleep, you control the ‘sleep ambient environment’ to help ease the claustrophobic sensation of being buried alive.

Don’t forget to explore Kyoto’s incredible Gion geisha district nearby when you awake.

Type: Capsule   Design
Location: Kyoto  Japan  East Asia

Capsule hotels are the product of Japanese ingenuity to counteract the ever-growing space demands of modern metropolises.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel Entrance

Inside, stark black decorations and furniture contrast the minimalist whitewashed interiors.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel Lobby

In traditional Japanese fashion, the interior's minimalist styling reduces stress and gets you well-rested.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel seats

Even if you don't speak a word of Japanese, you'll be fine, as everything is cleverly indicated.

On the bright white corridors, stylish pictograms are painted on the floor, indicating the whereabouts of the shoe storage, dormitories, bathrooms, and communal spaces.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel corridor

The gender-segregated rooms each have a dedicated elevator. Separating males from females is still an essential part of Japanese culture.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel elevators

The two-leveled capsules are numbered and glow at night, so you can find your way even if you arrive late.


Unlike some more traditional capsule hotels, Nine Hours offers spacious pods with sufficient ceiling height to avoid claustrophobia.

The capsules are 43 inches (109 cm) wide by 87 inches (221 cm) deep by 43 inches (109 cm) tall.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel

So you can sit up when you are awake without hitting your head. The mattresses stretch from one wall to another, which may look claustrophobic at first, but they are actually cozy and comfortable.

Sleeping in the capsule

There is plenty of dedicated storage for your luggage and personal items.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel Lockers

And there is a separate locker to keep your shoes, as you can't wear them in the rooms. It's another clever solution to keep noise to a minimum level.

Lockers close-up

The communal bathrooms follow the clean, state-of-the-art design of the rest of the capsule hotel's premises.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel Bathroom

Forget about the usual hostel experience. Here the shared bathrooms are stylish and clean.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel Showers

The toilet is styled like it's on a first-class long-haul flight. Its clean design is minimalist and practical.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel Toilet

Nine hours is a capsule hotel chain in Japan, offering affordable accommodation in the biggest cities.

9 Hours Capsule Hotel Clock

So, are you ready to try your first capsule hotel?

9 Hours Capsule Hotel Branding

588 Teianmaenocho Shijokudaru Teramachidori Shimogyo, 600-8031 Kyoto, Japan