Azura Benguerra - Luxury Resort On Mozambique Marine Nature ReserveAzura  

Most hotels give you a choice of rooms, some give you a choice of caravans, spheres, or eco-pods, well, Azura Retreat gives you a choice of islands. Now that’s impressive. The resort is located on two islands, Benguerra and Quilalea. Both are located within a marine wildlife reserve which means no industry, no big fishing boats just white, white sand.

I’ll let the photos speak for themselves rather than attempt to describe the incredible luxury on offer here. But I will tell you about the excursions which are so good you will want to go to bed early to catch them. Diving and fishing are particular favorites among the guests and the hotel has a number of boats ready to take you to the best spots and the most intricate diving reefs.

How about sailing their 40-foot traditional dhow boat? Or snorkeling with dolphins? There are land-based activities too; you can go on safari, find the local culture or star-gaze. The hotel also supports local projects and makes sure profits go to the local people.

Azura Benguerra from the air

Azura Benguerra main area

Main Azura

Beach at dusk

Azura Benguerra front view

Azura Benguerra dining

Azura Benguerra at night

Azura Benguerra pool

Star bar

Azura Benguerra master bedroom

Azura Benguerra main bathroom

Tree house

Villa Amizade from sea

Villa Amizade interior

Villa Amizade view over the plunge pool

Villa Amizade

Villa Amizade pool

Villa Amizade at sunset

Luxury Beach Villa bedroom

Luxury Beach Villa shower

Luxury Beach Villa pool

Gekko Deck lounging

Heli pad

Deckchair on the beach

Picnic on the beach

Island nature


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