Copal Tree Lodge - 12,000-Acre Jungle Eco-Resort In BelizeCopal Tree  

Belize is a unique location as the only English-speaking country in Central America that is also considered a part of the Caribbean. On the southern tip of this country, on the Caribbean coast sits the Belcampo Lodge on a 12,000-acre nature reserve.

You can spend your days in the lounge areas, swimming pools, spa, the bar, or on the observation decks with a cool drink with a view of the Maya Mountains and endless rainforests. The lodge’s on-site farm produces almost all the ingredients for the restaurant which offers amazing Belizean and international cuisine.

Belcampo Lodge is the epitome of agro-tourism chic and offers its guests a wide selection of activities to its guests including guided and un-guided nature tours, hikes, mountain biking, and canoeing and kayaking on the Rio Grande. The lodge also offers fly-fishing tours, ocean charters, and tours to ancient Mayan archaeological sites in the region. You can also take trips into traditional Garifuna villages and enjoy cultural foods and music.

Copal Tree Lodge a Muy'Ono Resort
Copal Tree Lodge a Muy'Ono Resort Entrance
Belcampo Lodge lounge with chandelier
Belcampo Lodge lounge
Belcampo Lodge lounge with terrace
Belcampo Lodge terrace
Belcampo Lodge jungle views room
Belcampo Lodge bar
Belcampo Lodge room with a beautiful girl on the bed
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Belcampo Lodge balcony jungle views
Copal Tree Lodge a Muy'Ono Resort Pool
Copal Tree Lodge Yoga
Copal Tree Lodge Jungle
Belize Jungle River
Belize Jungle Boat
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