The 9 Scariest Hotels and Hostels in the World
The 9 Scariest Hotels
and Hostels in the World

Any sane person may ask, what's the point in staying at frightening place for the night. Naturally you will opt for a nice and cosy room with hot shower and great view from your windows. However, for all you thrill-seekers out there, here is a list of the scariest hotels / hostels in the world that will leave you with shivers running down your spines.

9. Sleepin Faengslet

The SleepIn Fængslet (Fængslet = jail) in Denmark is situated in a prison’s old sick ward. The building has been renovated but the authenticity of prison life remains. The last inmate left in 2006. Their writings on the walls are still intact to keep authenticity and to keep your thoughts busy during the night. The prison workshops, the gathering hall, the gym – are available for rental. I don't even want to imagine the possible uses of these premises.

Sleepin Faengslet prison hotel

8. Old Mount Gambier Gaol

The building of Old Mount Gambier Gaol used to be a prison from 1866-1995. Gaol is an 'Olde English' word for prison. You will sleep in one of the old prison cells, unless your budget is high enough to get the non-cell option which is in the prison’s old staff quarters.

Old Mount Gambier Gaol prison hotel

7. Ottawa Jail Hostel

The hostel is located in the converted Carleton County Gaol that used to house death-row inmates. Since opening to guests in 1972 there have been reports of ghosts and spooky happenings – zoiks! Unlike the former prisonser though, you will enjoy heating (oh yes!) and free-wifi in your cells.

Ottawa Jail Hostel

6. Ryugyong Hotel Pyongyang

At first, you may be thinking what does a good looking skyscraper do on the list of the scariest hotels. Well, this tower is located in the heart of Pyongyan, capital city of North-Korea. Famous for its strict dictatorship, even tourists are being observed and every move they make is registered. Forget about going for a night strall in the city, as it's strictly prohibited to leave the hotel premises at night. There are rumours about people disappearing...

Ryugyong Hotel  tower in Pyongyang, North Korea

5. Propeller Island City Lodge

The most avant-garde city in the world, Berlin, is now home to the weirdest hotel in the world: Propeller Island City Lodge. It's not a trendy designer hotel, it's a working art exhibit where you can sleep and make use of everything you see. And that's the part that concerns me. The room on the photo is called "Wrapped" and it offers three sleeping places on terraced beds in a tubular space. You can check plenty more of their freaky creations by clicking on the title.

Propeller Island City Lodge nuclear room

4. Timberline Lodge

Here's Johnny! Hopefully this is not something you will hear at Timerline Lodge, which was used as the scene for the famous cult horror movie from the 80s, The Shining. The Stephen King / Kubrick masterpiece was set in the high mountains, completely cut off from civilisation. You can still expect a lot of snow, in fact it's not rare that the building gets covered by it from the bottom till the roof with only the windows breathing their way out. Legend says that the management of Timberline asked Kubrick not to use room number 217 for the movie, and they changed for the non-existing room number 237. Still, watching The Shining in your cosy room at the Timberline Lodge will give you the shivers.

Timberline Lodge from The Shining Movie

3. Hotel Katajanokka

Built by Tsar Nicholas I in 1837, the original prison church is maintained in its original form and is a fascinating place to visit. 5 priests blessed the building before it opened as a hotel in 2002 to remove any negative energies from the past. Fingers crossed that the blessings have worked!

Hotel Katajanokka prison cell room

2. Karosta Prison

Built at the beginning of the 20th century, the Karosta Prison has been a place of terror up until very recently, 1997. Sailors, non-commissioned officers and anyone blamed to have sinned against the Tsar or later on the Soviet Communist Party have served their sentences here. If sleeping in one of the punishment cells does not sound adventerous enough for you, how about going for the so called "Extreme Night" where, and I quote, "Only those who sign a statement agreeing with the conditions of the show will be allowed to participate in it.". Count me out!

Karosta Prison guard

1. Sahafi Hotel Mogadishu

Sahafi Hotel has closed down in 2015. The events leading to it explain the extreme situation in the capital city of Somalia. Back in the 1960s Mogadishu used to be the most developed city in whole of Africa. It even became known and promoted as the White Pearl of the Indian Ocean. Things have changed radically after the Somali Civil War, which has paved the path war lords and the infamous Al-Shabaab terrorist group. In a joint military operation the group has been kicked out from the city, but this did not mean imminent safety. The city has been slowly re-developing, international flights started coming in to the airport, even though the road leading to the city was still life-threatening.

With only two incidents of killing and kidnapping, Sahafi Hotel was known to be one of the safest hotels to stay at in Mogadishu. What came in late 2015 was not expected. Al-Shabaab militants besieged the hotel, attacking the entrance with a suicide car bombing before armed gunmen stormed the building. When the government forces tried to retake the building two more bombs went off. After a long fight at least 15 people were left dead.

Even though Mogadishu have seen years with one of the fastest development rate in any city, tourism is still in its infancy.

Sahafi Hotel Mogadishu
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