The 16 Unique Treehouse Hotel DesignsThe 16 Unique
Treehouse Hotel Designs

Nature, trees, the smell of the air, freedom, birds chirping, the feeling of escaping the urban life – welcome to the concept of treehouses. These beautiful wooden structures can be built with the utmost respect for nature, blending perfectly with the natural environment and with minimal human footprint.

So if you will spend your nights in the heart of the wilderness, why choose concrete blocks that prevent you from fully experiencing the living world? We have collected a list of the most eye-catching treehouse designs where you can stay.

16. Sur Un Arbre Perche – Ancient Trees Fitted With Quirky Structures

Sur Un Arbre Perche resort consists of five unique treehouses built in the park of the Château d'Usson in the picturesque French countryside.

The picture below shows the Zen treehouse, perched 26 feet (8 meters) high on an ancient oak tree.

First, you have to go up a spiral staircase and then all the way through the monkey bridge to get into your very private treehouse with a double bed inside. Zen is a fitting name to describe this peaceful and tranquil place.

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Sur Un Arbre Perche Treehouse

15. Chateaux Dans Les Arbres – Wooden Castle In The Trees

We are still in France, and this time it's another childhood dream come true. Inspired by the fairy-tale spires of nearby chateaus, this mini-castle is high up in the canopies.

The treehouse castle has a hot tub on the terrace. What more can I say?

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Chateaux Dans Les Arbres Castle Treehouse

14. Pedras Salgadas– Conceptual Treehouse In The Pedras Salgadas Park

Creating these uniquely-shaped treehouses was an architectural feat. They blend in with nature and are open to it at the very end, where the bedroom is situated to have the best views possible.

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Pedras Salgadas Design Treehouse

13. Nanshan Treehouse Resort – Tropical Treehouses High Up In The Ancient Tamarian Trees

These wooden structures are so big that the most prominent house can accommodate 20 people on three levels. Located in the tropical part of China on Hainan Island, these giant treehouses are next to the 5000 acres of Buddhist ecological theme park.

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Nanshan Treehouse Resort

12. Free Spirit Spheres – Mother Earth's Idea Bubbles

Set in the coastal rainforest of Vancouver Island, these quirky sphere treehouses offer a back-to-nature adult-only getaway for the urban crowd.

The three spheres have adequately unique names: Eyrn, Melody, and Luna. Inside you'll find a cozy wooden interior with rounded windows overlooking the canopies.

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Free Spirit Spheres Treehouse Interior

11. Treehouse Point – Retreat Along The Raging River For Nature Lovers

Bonbibi, Burl, Nest, Temple of the Blue Moon, Trillium, and Upper Bond. These are the names of the six distinctively different treehouses by Treehouse Point in the wilderness of the Pacific Northwest.

The Burl treehouse you can see below is surrounded by soft moss that forms an opulent canopy. The treehouse encircles the over 300 years old and 200 feet (61 meters) tall Douglas fir tree.

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Treehouse Point

10. Montana Magica Lodge – Water Squirting Pyramid

This pyramid-shaped wooden house squirts spring water from its top and lets it run down on the facade covered by greenery.

It's quirky enough from the outside, but imagine your room covered by plants that are sprinkled with water all the time. It's like a never-ending rainfall in the Chilean rainforest.

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Montana Magica Lodge

9. Treehouse Lodge Iquitos – Sky-High Treehouse in the Jungle

Located in the Peruvian Amazon, the Treehouse Lodge Iquitos offers rooms high in the canopies of the jungle. If you are a fan of heights and climbing, you are in the right place.

Some treehouses are over 65 feet (20 meters) in the air. As a result, you have a perfect overview of the Amazon from a safe distance of the wildlife.

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Treehouse Lodge Iquitos

8. Secluded Intown Treehouse – Cozy, Romantic Treehouse

Airbnb's favorite, the Secluded Intown Treehouse, is located in the forests of Atlanta, yet it feels like you are as remote as the Siberian taiga.

Cute suspended bridges interconnect the treehouse trio, and the main building houses the honeymooners' dream. It has a bed on wheels to roll out to the open balcony and rest under the open sky.

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Secluded Intown Treehouse

7. La Balade des Gnomes – Stay Inside A Trojan Horse

Crazy as it looks and sounds, architect Mr. Noel, near Durbuy town in Belgium, built a wooden horse big enough to accommodate guests.

You will probably not find gnomes, but what you will find is a fairy-tale-like interior that leaves an impression like a good Tim Burton movie.

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La Balade des Gnomes Trojan Horse Treehouse

6. Lupe Sina Treehouse – Ancient Tree And Breathtaking View

I can't decide what's more impressive; the ancient tree where the Lupa Sine treehouse is built or the magnificent view of the southern coast and the Upolu rainforest of Samoa.

Inside the private treehouse, you feel like you live within the ancient tree. It's made visible throughout the building, revealing the trunk even in the shower.

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Lupe Sina Treehouse

5. Hideout Bali – Cozy Bamboo Getaway

Hidden in the Balinese forests, Hideout Bali is cozy on another level, and it comes fully equipped with musical instruments and books.

You will hardly ever want to leave your hanging hammock. And why should you? After reading your favorite book, you can enjoy the passing wildlife and the calming sound of the river.

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Hideout Bali Cozy Treehouse Terrace with Hammock

4. Woodman's Treehouse – The Most Luxurious Treehouse

It's fair to say that this is probably the most luxurious treehouse in the world. Woodman's is the happy marriage of a high-class design hotel and a private treehouse. The details are mesmerizing.

I still cannot decide if I want to soak in the freestanding copper bathtub, take a hot shower outdoors on the terrace, and hop into the hammock right after. Did I mention the built-in Finnish sauna?

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Woodman's Treehouse Terrace

3. O2 Treehouse Pinecone – Aliens Have Landed In Bonny Doon

The Alien-egg-shaped treehouse floating 33 feet (10 meters) above ground couldn't be more quirky. Covered with glass panels all around, inside, you will find the most amazing 360° view panorama you have ever witnessed in a treehouse.

It's like a magical levitation above the Californian Red Wood forest.

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O2 Treehouse Pinecone Treehouse

2. Bambu Indah – Boat-Shaped Treehouse

Bambu Indah is a magical eco-retreat in Bali with out-of-this-world treehouse creations. Chiara's Treehouse, pictured below, has a long ladder to climb, but the view and the privacy will compensate for the effort.

There are eye-catching details everywhere: natural swimming pools, pods floating above the river, and outdoor freestanding bathtubs.

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Bambu Indah Boat-Shaped Treehouse

1. Treehotel – Artistic Swedish Treehouses

The Treehotel in the Swedish wilderness is like a childhood fantasy. Over the years, they have created more and more perfectly detailed original treehouses.

The Mirrorcube is covered with mirrors from all directions, blending into nature so much that you can hardly spot it.

Then there is the UFO-shaped space saucer that will be a major hit with kids.

The Birds Nest looks like it's from the Jurassic era when birds were the size of an elephant. The Treehotel is so spectacular that I dare call it an open-air museum.

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Treehotel UFO treehouse

Treehotel Mirrorcube

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