26 Unique Hotel Saunas26 Unique Hotel Saunas

Dry or wet? It's up to you. We are showcasing the most beautifully designed saunas in hotels where you can sweat as much as you like.

In the early days, the first saunas made in Finland were holes dug in the ground, where stones were heated by fire. However, we have come a long way.

Here, you will find cozy wooden sauna huts and steam rooms made of marble and mosaics.

Whatever your preference is, I'm sure you will feel the inner heat just by looking at the following photos.

26. Fontaverde – Classic Italian Mosaics

On the most pleasing landscape, the Tuscan Fontaverde hotel is an elegant getaway with a spa using water from a thermal spring.

There are olive oil massages and hydrotherapy pools with views of the surrounding hills.

Fontaverde Hotel Sauna

25. Jumeirah Port Soller – Dome-Shaped Hammam

Secluded Mallorcan hotel, the Jumeirah Port Soller, has a clifftop infinity pool that allows you to swim between the sea and the sky.

The extensive spa features unique Talise Rituals and an elegant green mosaic dome steam room.

Jumeirah Port Soller Dome-Shaped Hammam

24. Burj Al Arab – 7-Star Sauna with Sea View

The rightfully iconic Burj Al Arab hotel is a sight to behold.

The uniquely shaped exterior comes with an exquisite interior design, loaded with gold and other eye-catching materials and colors.

The male-only steam room is no different. It's built from the color palette of the sea, with a hint of gold here and there.

The cherry on the cake is the gorgeous Persian Gulf view. So why not stay here for the sunset?

Burj Al Arab Sauna with Persian Gulf View

23. Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas – Crystal, Marble, and an array of LED Lights

In the heart of the Las Vegas strip sits the Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas, a hotel with a triple Forbes Five-Star rating and a splendor spa.

The steam room is carved from marble, lit by starry night LED lights, and comes with a healing crystal.

Mandarin Oriental Las Vegas Sauna

22. Grand Hotel Savoia – Belle Epoque Sauna

The iconic pink and white painted facade of Grand Hotel Savoia hides a lavishly decorated, handcrafted spa with a steam room that looks as sacred as the Hindu deities.

Grand Hotel Savoia Belle Epoque Sauna

21. Corinthia Hotel London – The Next Generation of Spa

Housed in a gorgeous Victorian building, Corinthia Hotel London overlooks the River Thames.

Inside, you will find The ESPA Life Spa, which expands across four floors and has a 29-foot stainless steel pool and a modern wooden sauna overlooking it.

Corinthia Hotel London Ultramodern Spa Sauna

20. Glendoria – Remote Polish Getaway – Sauna in Nature

Glendoria is hidden away in the forests and meadows of the Masurian Lake District in Poland. Camp Spa is housed in wooden huts with a traditional wooden burn sauna.

When you are ready to cool your body down after a session in the sauna, head outside to the wild nature and jump right into the open-air hot tub surrounded by wildflowers.

Glendoria Sauna in the Nature

19. Miramonti Boutique Hotel – Dolomite Mountains Panorama from the Sauna

The Miramonti Boutique Hotel has walls of glass that capture the snow-capped mountain views, including from the sauna.

There are four types to choose from. Additionally, their spa has a swimming pool and an outdoor jacuzzi.

Miramonti Boutique Hotel Dolomite Mountains Panorama from the Sauna

18. Snow Village – The Sauna Gondola in Ylläs

One hundred twenty-four miles (200 km) above the Polar Circle, the Snow Village is built from 3.3 million lbs (1.5 million kg) of snow and 661,400 lbs (300,000 kg) of clear natural ice each year.

A nearby town, Ylläs, operates the world's only sauna gondola. It's a 20-minute long unforgettable heated ride up the mountains.

The Sauna Gondola in Ylläs

17. Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden – Dark Tiles and Mood Lights

Lavish lakefront hotel, the Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden has an award-winning spa.

The Acquapura Spa includes saunas, a steam room, and a wide selection of massages and beauty treatments.

Breathtaking dark tiles and mosaics are used in the saunas, accompanied by mood lights to create a relaxed and private atmosphere.

Falkensteiner Schlosshotel Velden Sauna

16. Aqua Dome – One of the Most Luxurious Spas in the World

This hotel is a real treat for spa lovers. The Aqua Dome spa resort in the Alps has a staggering twelve indoor and outdoor pools and seven saunas.

First, get into the Finnish sauna that automatically splashes water on the rocks, and then try one of the elevated panoramic outdoor pools for some refreshing views.

Aqua Dome Sauna

15. Masseria Torre Coccaro – Magical Cave Spa

Masseria Torre Coccaro farmhouse hotel is hundreds of years old and is more fortress than a house.

The buildings were fortified to protect them from enemies in the Ottoman days. The Aveda spa is hidden in the caves. Relaxing in a sauna has never felt so safe!

Masseria Torre Coccaro Magical Cave Spa

14. Schöne Aussicht– Beautiful Alpine View

Hotel Schöne Aussicht is a breathtaking mountain ski resort in Austria.

The wooden, brick wall sauna has floor-to-ceiling windows with absolutely mind-blowing panoramic views of the Austrian Alps.

Schöne Aussicht Beautiful Alpine View Sauna

13. Tasigo Hotels Eskisehir Bademlik Termal – Turkish Bath

Tasigo Hotels Eskisehir Bademlik Termal boasts an impressive 2500 m2 wellness center called Aden Spa.

It has thermal pools, hot tubs, Turkish baths, Finnish steam baths, saunas, and a shock pool. Turkish spa in Turkey, as authentic as it can get.

Tasigo Hotels Eskisehir Bademlik Termal Sauna

12. Frutt Family Lodge – Rustic Design Panoramic Mountain Sauna

The cozy classic ski chalet Frutt Family Lodge sits right at Melchsee Lake, 6,204 feet (1,891 meters) above sea level in Switzerland.

The spa is an excellent example of reserved elegance, while the sauna, with its nice rustic touches on the wooden window blinds and the panoramic view of the lake, is as good as it gets.

Frutt Family Lodge Rustic Design Panoramic Mountain Sauna

11. Farris Bad – Sauna with North Sea Panorama

Set on Larvik beach in Norway, Farris Bad houses the largest spa in Northern Europe. It spreads over 26,910 square feet (2,500 square meters), and it's established on a natural mineral-containing source.

It includes a swimming pool, mineral spa, jacuzzi, and spa island with different kinds of saunas.

The wooden Finnish sauna is the one to look out for. You get a full sea view, all while you sweat your problems and toxins away.

Farris Bad Sauna with North Sea Panorama

10. Treehotel – Good Old Fashioned Swedish Sauna in the Wilderness

Located in rural Sweden, Treehotel is where childhood fantasies become a reality.

UFO, mirror-covered tree houses, and a cylindrical-shaped sauna surrounded by lush forests. A real getaway from urban life!

Treehotel Good Old Fashioned Swedish Sauna in the Wilderness

9. Lime Wood Hotel – Cozy Upscale Hotel Sauna with Stunning Forest Views

An hour's drive from London Lime Wood Hotel is set in the heart of the New Forest National Park.

The hotel's spa, Herb House, instills a sense of calm, well-being, and serenity and is designed over three levels.

It has a massive sauna with beautiful forest views, an indoor hydro pool, a mud house, and a steaming outdoor hot pool.

Lime Wood Hotel Sauna with Stunning Forest Views

8. Blow Up Hall 50 50 – Interactive Art Sauna

Industrial design meets postmodernism at Blow Up Hall 50 50 hotel in Poznan, Poland.

The place is so digital you need to open your room door with your smartphone. The sauna in the spa has a visual show running while you get all nice and hot.

Blow Up Hall 50 50 Interactive Art Sauna

7. Airplane Suite Hotel – Sauna on an Airplane

Airplane Suite Hotel, or in Dutch, Vliegtuigsuite Teuge, is a converted Ilyushin 18 aircraft.

The luxury suite comes with a jacuzzi and an infrared sauna. Sauna on an airplane? Finally, it's here!

Airplane Sauna

6. Schutzhütte Schöne Aussicht – Outdoor Snow-Covered Wooden Saunas

Located in Val Senales in South Tyrol, Schutzhütte Schöne Aussicht is a mountain refuge with truly stunning and completely wild panoramic views.

Inside its South Tyrolean coziness: wooden walls, checked curtains, and extra thick duvets.

Outdoors you'll find cute little wooden huts covered by snow that hide saunas inside.

Schutzhütte Schöne Aussicht Outdoor Snow-covered Wooden Saunas

5. Juvet – Remote Outdoor Saunas from Ex-Machina

Juvet is as remote as it comes. Far away from the densely populated world, Juvet has simple modernist pine and glass construction focusing on the surrounding nature.

The Ex Machina movie featured this stunning remote hideout where a tech billionaire experimented with human-like robots.

Juvet's dream-like location is topped by extensive relaxation options, like our favorite: jumping into the thick snow from the sauna.

Juvet Remote Outdoor Sauna from Ex-Machina

4. Hotel Taljoergele – Outdoor Panoramic Sauna

Panoramahotel Taljörgele overlooks the magnificent Ridnauntal Valley.

The extensive on-site spa includes a Finnish sauna – known as the Stubensauna, steam bath, organic sauna, brine grotto, Kneipp foot bath, ice grotto, and an outdoor panoramic sauna.

Enjoy the unparalleled panoramic mountain views while the delicate scent of oils and herbs fills your lungs.

Hotel Taljoergele Outdoor Panoramic Sauna

3. Hotel Klosterbräu – Spa Rituals from Monastic Periods

If you're a spa lover, Hotel Klosterbräu deserves your attention.

This 16th-century monastery is now a luxurious 5-star hotel and spa.

The 37,647 square feet (3,500 square meters) Feel.UNIQUE Spa has a never-ending beer fountain, a vital bistro, a lounge with a wood-burning fireplace, and multiple saunas, including this unique hand-carved sauna.

Hotel Klosterbräu Hand Carved Sauna

2. Hotel Das Gerstl – Panoramic Aufguss Sauna with Supersize Windows

Located above the Vinschgau Valley, Alpin & Relax Hotel das Gerstl offers a vast wellness area, including the sauna world and a 56 feet (17 meters) long infinity pool.

The highlight is definitely the Aufguss sauna, with a breathtaking panorama of Ortler and the surrounding mountains.

It offers enough space for 25 people, and they run a fragrant experience session twice daily.

Hotel Das Gerstl Panoramic Aufguss Sauna with Supersize Windows

1. The Oitavos – Wild Beauty of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park

The Oitavos hotel is a fusion between the pristine nature of Sintra-Cascais Natural Park and ultramodern design.

The hotel's Balneotherapy Area features a heated seawater pool, sauna circuits, a Turkish bath, and an ice fountain.

The Finnish sauna has panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows on the wilderness of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park.

The Oitavos Hotel Sauna with panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows on the wilderness of the Sintra-Cascais Natural Park

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