15 Cool & Unique Hotels In New York City15 Cool & Unique Hotels In New York City

New York City, famed for its iconic skyline, vibrant culture, and endless opportunities, is also home to some of the world's coolest and most unique hotels.

Whether you are looking for a luxury hotel that pays homage to a bygone era, thematic accommodations that transport you to another world, or lodging with cutting-edge technology, these cool hotels in New York City offer it all.

15. Bryant Park Hotel

Nestled in the heart of Manhattan, only a four-minute walk from Times Square, the Bryant Park Hotel is a beacon of modern luxury and sophistication. Built in 1924, the building's black brick stands out against the gold-colored masonry topping the skyscraper. The building was originally the American Radiator Building, and the black and gold exterior pays homage to glowing coal, which fueled the company's main product.

The architects John Howells and Raymond Hood combined Gothic and Art Deco styles to create the lavish building you see today. In fact, the hotel has a suite named after Raymond Hood, the only suite in the hotel with an outdoor terrace overlooking Bryant Park.

Be sure to visit the Celon Cocktail Bar & Lounge, located in the hotel's basement speakeasy style. It has a unique Moroccan vibe that isn't overly done or too wildly themed – making it a good place for an after-dinner drink or nightcap before heading to bed. It has an excellent sound system, and the low lighting showcases the beautiful patterns on the ceiling created by ornate black chandeliers.

The hotel, overlooking Bryant Park, offers stunning views and a tranquil escape from the city's hustle and bustle. With its sleek design, attentive service, and prime location close to Times Square and the theater district, this hotel is perfect if you seek a blend of relaxation and urban adventure.

Bryant Park Hotel in the American Radiator Building

14. Henn na Hotel New York

Located in Midtown, Henn na Hotel New York gives you a glimpse of Japan and its unique technology. The hotel is famous for its robot staff and the animatronic T-Rex in the lobby, which offers a unique technological experience without sacrificing comfort and convenience. Don't worry; human staff members are available to assist you, too.

Rooms are equipped with bidets and heated toilet seats. King rooms and Suites also have LG Stylers. These futuristic closets freshen your clothing to remove allergens, dust, or sweat.

After a day in the city, hang your clothes in your LG Styler and head down to the full-service restaurant and bar where you'll find a wide array of authentic Japanese cuisine. Then, complete your evening by relaxing in the jungle-like atmosphere in the lounge along the 2nd-floor mezzanine.

Henn na Hotel New York

13. Hotel Chelsea

With its bohemian past, the historic Hotel Chelsea has long been a haven for artists, writers, and musicians. In fact, Mark Twain, Tennessee Williams, and Arthur Miller were all previously residents here. The list of celebrities who have stayed here is even longer – Janis Joplin, Cher, and Ethan Hawke, to name a few.

But it wasn't just the hotel's popularity with artists and writers that put it on the map. Hotel Chelsea was the hotel where Nancy Spungen was found dead, and her boyfriend, Sid Vicious, was arrested for her murder. (Sid later died from an overdose before the trial began.)

The building itself is stunning. It boasts old tile fireplaces, marble and wrought iron details, parquet floors with marquetry designs, and more. Even some of the odd art pieces—which came from former residents—bring a bit of character to the place.

In 2011, The Chelsea closed for renovations. It reopened in 2022 and is now a landmark hotel that embodies the creative spirit of New York, offering you a chance to immerse yourself in the city's rich cultural heritage. Each room tells a story filled with art and memorabilia that echo the hotel's storied history.

Hotel Chelsea NYC

12. ModernHaus SoHo

ModernHaus SoHo captures the artistic and stylish essence of one of New York's most fashionable neighborhoods. With its contemporary art collection, rooftop bar offering panoramic views, and sleek, minimalist design, this hotel is a sanctuary for the modern traveler.

When you stay at the ModernHaus SoHo, you can enjoy luxurious amenities and easy access to SoHo's exquisite dining, shopping, and galleries. In fact, the hotel itself offers three different venues: Jimmy, the rooftop bar; Jumpin Jacks, an all-day eatery and lounge; and Twenty Three Grand, a year-round dining area set inside a retractable glass pergola with locally sourced creations.

ModernHaus SoHo Hotel Rooftop Terrace

Jimmy isn't only a rooftop bar. There's also a pool there with amazing views of the NYC skyline. The pool isn't huge, though, so if you want to swim, you should try to go there during its least busy times. At night, this area transforms into a modern rooftop pool party.

ModernHaus SoHo Rooftop Pool

11. Nap York Sleep Station

Nap York Sleep Station takes a novel approach to urban accommodation, offering a sanctuary for rest and rejuvenation amidst the city's 24/7 energy.

You'll find a Sleep Station in Central Park and one at The Empire State Building. The best part is that you can book your sleep pod by the hour, day, or week.

Nap York Capsule Hotel Interior

With its eco-friendly pods, this hotel provides a unique sleeping experience that's both innovative and sustainable. It's one of the only two capsule hotels in New York. Nap York is a testament to the city's never-sleep ethos and is ideal for you if you're a busy traveler seeking a quick recharge.

Nap York Pods

10. The Beekman

The Beekman combines old-world glamor with contemporary luxury. Housed in a historic building dating back to the 19th century, its stunning atrium and Victorian-inspired decor transport you to a bygone era.

The Beekman Hotel Atrium

Rooms range from studios to King-size suites. If you're looking for upscale lodging, consider the Turret Penthouse, which has a private rooftop seating area.

The hotel's acclaimed restaurants and a prime location near the Brooklyn Bridge and One World Trade Center make it a must-stay for those who appreciate history and luxury.

The Beekman, A Thompson Hotel Penthouse Suite

9. The Plaza

An emblem of New York's luxury, The Plaza Hotel offers an unparalleled experience of elegance and grandeur. Overlooking Central Park, this iconic hotel has been synonymous with high society and opulence since its doors opened over a century ago.

However, the building you see today is different from the original Plaza Hotel. The original building stood in the same place (the corner of Fifth Avenue and 58th Street) from 1890 to 1905, but in order for the hotel to expand, it had to be completely destroyed and rebuilt. The original building had eight floors, and the current hotel has 19.

Its lavish rooms, exquisite dining options, and impeccable service remain timeless destinations for travelers. The hotel's lower level is home to The Palm Court tea room, a traditional tea room with four beautifully grown palm trees and a stained-glass ceiling.

The Plaza Hotel Building in NYC

In The Palm Court, you'll see a famous portrait of Eloise—the fictional little girl whose story revolved around living at The Plaza. However, the portrait is a replacement. The original was stolen. It was eventually found in a dumpster, frameless. Because the replacement was already in place, the original was rolled up, put away, and forgotten for 50-odd years until it was sold at auction.

The Plaza is a great hotel choice if you want to spend your days relaxing in Central Park, or shopping. It's a short walk to stores like Bergdorf Goodman and Saks Fifth Avenue.

The Plaza Fairmont Palm Court

8. The Jane Hotel

The Jane Hotel, with its rich maritime history, offers a quirky yet cozy stay in the West Village. Built in 1908, this hotel was once a home for sailors, and it housed Titanic survivors.

Even though the hotel was a hangout for hipsters in the 1980s, it still retains its nautical charm with cabin-like rooms and vintage decor. Metal bed frames, decorative wallpaper, and simple furnishing in the Captain's Cabin rooms retain the feeling of an early 1900s bedroom.

The Jane Hotel Captains Cabin

In contrast, the Standard Cabin and the Bunk Bed Cabin rooms are small and feature wood beds and paneling, giving you an experience similar to what you'd find on a ship.

The shared spaces at The Jane are awe-inspiring. The Jane Ballroom has plenty of cozy seating areas and elaborate chandeliers hanging from the ceiling. It operates as a nightclub, which is convenient if you want to experience NYC nightlife. In addition to the Ballroom, the hotel has a rooftop bar and terrace where you can sip your drinks and enjoy a view of the Statue Of Liberty.

The Jane Hotel Standard Cabin

7. Yotel

Yotel New York at Times Square introduces a futuristic concept with its compact, tech-savvy rooms. Inspired by luxury airline travel, its "cabins" are efficiently designed to maximize space and comfort. The hotel features automated check-in and a robot luggage handler.

Yotel is a great option if you're a modern traveler looking for a fun and innovative place to stay. Located in Times Square, you'll find plenty to do close to the hotel, and inside Yotel, you'll find Komyuniti – the hotel's grab-n-go espresso bar with a seating area that offers views of the Manhattan skyline. And if your room isn't ready, the robot luggage handler will keep your belongings safe while you explore the city.

YOTEL New York Building

The hotel design was inspired by the first-class travel experience of a luxury airline and Japanese technology. The rooms have convertible beds to save space and monsoon showers. VIP cabin rooms have 360-degree views and rotating king-size beds. There are also "first-class cabins" with private outdoor terraces equipped with hot tubs.

YOTEL New York rounded bed

6. The Maritime Hotel

In Chelsea, two blocks from the Meatpacking District, you'll find a tall white building with circular windows. This is the Maritime Hotel – a cool NYC hotel that pays homage to New York's nautical history with its porthole windows and ship-themed design.

The structure was originally designed as the headquarters for the National Maritime Union. However, it opened to the public as a hotel in 2003. The lobby boasts a 16th-century stone fireplace, a ceiling made from narrow-slatted wood beams, sofas upholstered with sketches of NYC subway scenes, and an Instagram-worthy nautical-themed mural—and this is just where the fun starts.

The Maritime Hotel Junior Penthouse  Bedroom At Night

The hotel rooms aren't designed to resemble traditional hotel rooms. All rooms face west, overlooking the Hudson River through porthole-shaped windows. They're also designed to look like rooms on a ship, complete with wood paneling and compact quarters.

Another thing unique to the Maritime Hotel is its use of public spaces. The hotel has a 10,000-square-foot terrace – the largest in NYC. Also, Tao Downtown, a multi-level restaurant that serves Pan Asian cuisine, occupies the hotel's subterranean space. The restaurant, which features seating for 300 and several bars, was designed to look like it's been there for decades, so guests feel like they're about to unearth ancient artifacts. You'll even enter the dining room to see a large Quan Yin Budda statue with 24 hands sitting atop a large Koi pond anchoring the space.

The Maritime Hotel Rooftop Penthouse Living Room

5. Public Hotel

Designed by Ian Schrager, Public Hotel redefines the luxury hotel experience, emphasizing simplicity, style, and affordability by offering thoughtfully designed rooms and regular pricing deals. The chic, minimalist rooms are designed with four distinct spaces in mind – resting, working, entertainment, and sleeping – and are equipped with all the smart technology needed for an amazing experience.

Public Hotel Room

The hotel also has stunning public spaces and a vibrant social scene. The Roof – the hotel's rooftop bar – is designed to appear like it's floating in the sky. It has an energetic vibe and panoramic views of the city. However, if you're looking for a more intimate evening, you can reserve seating space for a few hours in one of the bar's heated igloos.

Public Hotel Rooftop

4. Casablanca Hotel

Inspired by the romance of the classic film, the Casablanca Hotel is a slice of Mediterranean charm in the heart of Times Square. With its warm, inviting decor and exceptional service, this boutique hotel offers a tranquil oasis away from the city's frenzy. You can enjoy the cozy ambiance, themed rooms, and complimentary wine and cheese receptions.

Casablanca Hotel New York

Casablanca Hotel is one of the best boutique hotels in the city, so much so that it stands out among the glitzy hotels in the area. The rooms have beautiful hardwood floors and a private bathroom, and a small on-site restaurant serves a complimentary continental breakfast each day.

Casablanca Hotel New York Moroccan Interior

3. Arlo Williamsburg - Formerly The Williamsburg Hotel

Located in the trendy Brooklyn neighborhood of Williamsburg, Arlo Williamsburg Hotel embodies its surroundings' artistic and eclectic spirit. The 5-star hotel boasts stunning views of the Manhattan skyline, a rooftop pool, and a design that blends industrial chic with luxury. It's a gateway to exploring Brooklyn's vibrant culture, food, and music scene.

Arlo Williamsburg Bathroom

The Water Tower Bar overlooks the hotel's rooftop pool, making it easy to grab a drink before turning in for the night. The bar was built to resemble a water tower looking out over the city. It features more than 1550 square feet of space and a glass-enclosed lounge with floor-to-ceiling windows.

Arlo Williamsburg

2. The Library Hotel

A paradise for book lovers, The Library Hotel's unique concept is inspired by the Dewey Decimal System. Each floor is dedicated to a different category of literature. You can immerse yourself in a world of books, enjoying themed rooms and a vast collection spanning various subjects. Its central location and elegant design make this hotel a quiet refuge.

Library Hotel by Library Hotel Collection

Located in Midtown, the Library Hotel boasts a collection of more than 6,000 books for your perusal. The lobby features high ceilings, and the rooms have a simple, calming atmosphere.

If you're looking for a unique experience, step outside the hotel to browse an array of shops and cafes lining the Midtown streets a short distance away. Then, catch the subway at Grand Central Station to visit places like Rockefeller Center and Washington Square Park.

Library Hotel by Library Hotel Collection Terrace

1. TWA Hotel

Housed in the restored TWA Flight Center at JFK airport, the TWA Hotel revives the glamor of 1960s air travel. This hotel offers a nostalgic journey back in time, with vintage-inspired rooms, a rooftop pool overlooking the runway, and an array of aviation-themed amenities. It's a must-stay for aviation enthusiasts and anyone looking for a unique lodging experience at the airport.

TWA Hotel

At the TWA Hotel, you can relax by the rooftop pool while watching the planes take off, get glammed up at the Sweet'N Glow hair salon, or dine at the Paris Cafe. The retro hotel also has a fitness center, museum exhibits filled with 1960s-era memorabilia, and a 1960s-style sunken lounge.

TWA Hotel Rooftop Pool

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