The 50 + 1 Most Amazing Hotel Pools in the WorldThe 50 + 1 Most Amazing Hotel Pools

We are showcasing our favorite hand-selected pools from all over the globe. So if you’re keen on taking a dip into the crisp water of some of the most interestingly designed, most scary, or ones with the most stunning views, then look at our long list of 50+1 properties below.

1. Alila Diwa Goa

Take a dip in this beautiful lap pool at this luxury resort in India. The hotel is located in South Goa, and its infinity pool overlooks rice fields, palm trees, and the open countryside.

The ultra-modern swimming pool at Alila Diwa has a sun terrace, sunbeds, and umbrellas.

Alila Diwa Goa pool

There is another swimming pool on the other side of the resort in the Diwa Wing if you are looking for natural tranquility.

And if you get thirsty, The Edge poolside bar overlooks the calm blue waters of the infinity pool and has a long list of tasty cocktails.

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Alila Diwa Goa Pool & Palm Trees

2. Caruso, A Belmond Hotel

This beautiful hotel is located in Italy on a cliff overlooking the Amalfi Coast, and the pool is of equal beauty. The infinity pool offers stunning views, a poolside bar, and the nearby Pool Restaurant.

Hotel Caruso Belvedere pool

Caruso's renovated 12th-century building surrounds the pool - a former palace set atop a cliff above Ravello. From the terrace, you have a view of the Gulf of Salerno and the Tyrrhenian Sea far below you.

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Caruso, A Belmond Hotel Cliffside Pool

3. Altira Macau

This indoor pool is located in Macau, China, with floor-to-ceiling windows, underwater music (!), and a stunning view of the Macau Peninsula.

Altira's pool is so famous that Forbes Traveler magazine named it one of the ten best swimming pools in the world.

Altira Macau pool

For a complete experience, there is a bar next to the infinity pool where you can grab a drink, lie on one of the comfy lounger chairs, and enjoy the fantastic views.

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Altira Macau Hotel Pool Underwater Ballet

4. Vigilius Mountain Resort

This indoor-outdoor pool in Italy offers an infinite view of the South Tyrolean mountains and their lush vegetation. The swim-in, swim-out pool is heated, so you can enjoy the view of fresh snow on the pine trees during winter months.

Vigilius Mountain Resort pool

To arrive at this pretty building made of nature-friendly materials, you have to take the cable car to 4,921 feet (1,500 meters) above sea level.

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Vigilius mountain resort outdoor terrace pool

5. Tongabezi Lodge

Zambia's getaway lodge sits by the magical Zambezi River. What better way is there to celebrate at this hidden spot than having a candlelit dinner by the illuminated pool?

Tongabezi Lodge pool

Tongabezi opened up in 1990 as a basic camp with tents and buckets to shower, and two decades later it became one of the top 20 hotels in the world.

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Tongabezi lodge pool at night by the Zambezi River

6. Parkroyal on Pickering

This infinity pool offers stunning city views of Singapore, with colorful and cool birdcage-inspired cabanas lining the perimeter.

Parkroyal on Pickering pool

Parkroyal on Pickering's vertical gardens and wavy concrete surfaces are striking architectural wonders that can be admired from street level. Still, of course, it's even more fascinating from the hotel's pool.

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PARKROYAL COLLECTION Pickering, Singapore Pool

7. The Palace of the Lost City

Venture to South Africa to find not just a pool but a full-on water park, complete with a lazy river. The main attraction is the Roaring Lagoon, a wave pool with hydraulics that generates waves nearly 7 feet high (2 meters)!

The Palace of the Lost City pool

The Olympic-sized swimming pool is heated during winter. Next to Africa's only artificial sandy beach you will find all kinds of water slides, from the Lazy River to the thrilling ride of Temple of Courage.

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The Palace of the Lost City Olympic-sized swimming pool

8. One&Only Reethi Rah

While each of the three pools at this resort in Maldives is lovely, the adults-only lap pool is the true beauty. It extends into the lagoon and even features an internal hot tub and a carved stone bed at one end.

Reethi Rah Resort pool

The paradise island ha sublime sunsets over the Indian Ocean, and you can sit at the edge of the 100-foot (30 meters) long infinity pool to fully immerse in the experience. As you sit by the end of the pool, you feel like floating above the turquoise lagoon.

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One&Only Reethi Rah, Maldives Lap Pool In The Lagoons

9. Post Ranch Inn

Located in Big Sur, California, folks can enjoy not one, not two, but three luxurious heated infinity pools at this coastal inn.

Post Ranch Inn pool

The spa infinity pool overlooks the Pacific Ocean from such height, that sometimes clouds cover the vast waters, as a blanket of fluffy cotton balls.

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Post Ranch Inn Infinity Pool Above The Clouds With A Model

10. Marina Bay Sands

The world’s largest rooftop infinity pool is located here, 57 floors up, at the Marina Bay Sands, and offers stunning skyline views of Singapore.

It's 656 feet (200 meters) up in the air, cantilevered on three towers and spans 492 feet (150 meters). The super long rooftop pool is exclusive to hotel guests, so it's never too crowded.

Marina Bay Sands pool

Marina Bay Sands' pool offers breathtaking sunsets with the skyline of Singapore. It's open until midnight, so you will have plenty of time to enjoy the view of the glittering skyscrapers at night.

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Marina Bay Sands 492-foot long rooftop infinity pool

11. Alva Park Costa Brava

This pool offers lovely views of Alva Park for folks to soak in and relax. The Spanish resort's spa reminds of a Roman bath noblemen would visit with marble masonry, and starlight ceiling.

If that was not enough, the pool plays underwater music!

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Alva Park Costa Brava Indoor Luxury Pool

12. Amangiri

Relax in this villa's gorgeous stone-lined, cold plunge pool and take in the surrounding desert views. Carved into a red-rock, Amangiri's outdoor pool has one of the most secluded settings you can imagine.

Amangiri Villas pool

It makes you wonder what a spa would look like on Mars!

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Amangiri Villas USA Valley View

13. Aqua Dome Langenfeld

If you find yourself in Austria, you must check out the 12 pools at the Aqua Dome. There’s a perfect spot for anyone with both indoor and outdoor options.

The two thermal pools have a temperature of 93°F (34°C) and 97°F (36°C), so you can enjoy them even when it snows. From the three futuristic UFO-shaped pools you get an amazing view of the Ötztal Alps.

Aqua Dome Langenfeld pool

The pools get a fresh flow of pure Sulphur spring water every 15 minutes. Each is a bit different from the other. One has a salt content of 5%, the other plays music, and are lighting effects to make it more interesting.

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Aqua Dome Lagendfeld Outdoor Futuristic Thermal Pools

14. Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza

This uniquely beautiful pool set in Spain overlooks the sea. With a stunning view like this, you may never want to get out!

Hotel Hacienda pool

Hacienda Na Xamena is Ibiza's first 5-star luxury hotel, and it's in one of the island's best spots. It's built into a cliffside surrounded by rocks and pine forests. This unique setting gives the outdoor cascading pool a vast open view of the Mediterranean Sea.

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Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza Cascading Pool Overlooking the Mediterranean Sea

15. B2 Hotel Zürich

Don't miss it if you ever visit the beautiful country of Switzerland. This rooftop open-air heated pool offers sweeping city views that will take your breath away.

The B2 Hotel is in the former Hürlimann brewery, its top is a modern extension.

B2 Boutique Hotel pool

The Hürlimann Baths & Spa Zurich lets you experience Turkish bath culture in pools filled with Aqui spring’s mineral water.

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B2 Hotel Zurich Rooftop Thermal Pool

16. Blue Lagoon Iceland

More than a pool, the Blue Lagoon is a geothermal spa called one of the “25 Wonders of the World.” Rich in minerals, this refreshing and gorgeous water can even be enjoyed with massages inside the thermal pools.

Blue Lagoon Iceland pool

The geothermal spa is between the international airport (20 mins drive) of Iceland and Reykjavik (45 mins drive). The temperature of the lagoons is 40 °C (104 °F), and it's full of healing minerals like silica and sulfur.

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Blue Lagoon Iceland Hotel Pool

17. Boscolo Milano

Located in Italy, this pool is set behind frosted glass in a room once a bank vault and looks rather cave-like. Foiled bubbles pepper the walls and add to the truly unique ambiance of this one-of-a-kind pool.

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Boscolo Milano pool

18. Como Shambhala Estate

Set in central Bali's lush, tropical jungle, this stunning infinity pool is a slice of paradise for travelers.

Como Shambhala Estate pool

Although Como Shabhala's estate is only a 15-minute drive from Ubud, you will like part of nature with the pools surrounded by the tropical jungle of Bali.

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Como Shambhala Estate Two-Level Pools

19. Eco Lodge Mancora

This gorgeous outdoor pool, complete with a diving board, can be found in Northern Peru at the Eco Lodge Mancora.

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Eco Lodge Mancora pool

20. Evason Ma'In Hot Springs

In Jordan is where you'll find this gem, complete with cascading hot spring waterfalls and surrounded by mountains. This hot spot is just a 30-minute drive from the Dead Sea.

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Evason Ma'In Hot Springs pool

21. Alila Ubud

This infinity pool is the perfect oasis along Bali’s Ayung River Valley.

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Alila Ubud pool

22. Four Seasons Shanghai

The Shanghai skyline is front and center of this pool, located on the 41st floor. Complete with oversized windows for folks to take in the sights, including three of the world’s tallest towers, iconic landmarks, and the Huangpu River.

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Four Seasons Shanghai pool

23. Gellert Hotel

Often referred to as one of the most beautiful spas in Budapest, this pool area is as rich in history as it is in relaxation.

The hot spring water has healing properties and is rich in magnesium, calcium, fluoride ions, and sodium.

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Gellert Hotel pool

24. Hacienda Uayamon

This remarkable pool can be found in Mexico, tucked inside a stone enclosure where the walls are dotted by time and ruffled where stones have been crumbling away over the years.

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Hacienda Uayamon pool

25. Bill & Coo Hotels Mykonos

Located in Greece, this infinity pool offers beautiful bay views and is the perfect romantic setting.

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Bill and Coo Suites pool

26. Hanging Gardens Ubud

TripAdvisor and Condé Nast Traveller named this twin-tiered cascading pool the "World's Best Swimming Pool" and Bali's number one honeymoon destination.

Uniquely beautiful with striking design, one may never want to leave this luxurious pool in paradise.

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Hanging Gardens Ubud pool

27. Holiday Inn Shanghai

Scary or cool? You be the judge. The hotel’s indoor pool, located 24 stories high, protrudes from the main building and is suspended mid-air.

Its bottom is constructed with toughened glass that gives guests a sense of floating in the sky, with a clear view of the streets below. It’s the first in China and worth checking out if you can stomach the breathtaking scenery.

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Holiday Inn Shanghai pool

28. Hotel Atlantis Paradise Island

With over 20 swimming areas to choose from, the Hotel Atlantis in the Bahamas is truly a paradise for anyone who loves the water.

There's a slice of paradise for all, from the Mayan Temple pool to the River pool and Royal Baths.

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Hotel Atlantis Paradise Island pool

29. Alila Villas Uluwatu

This luxurious Indonesian getaway is the perfect romantic escape. Relax in one of the most breathtaking infinity pools in the world, overlooking the endless ocean.

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Alila Villas Uluwatu pool

30. Hotel Indigo Hong Kong

This infinity glass-bottom pool offers stunning views of Hong Kong for guests to enjoy. Not only is the bottom glass, but the pool juts out from the 29th floor of the hotel, allowing swimmers to see straight down to the street below.

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Hotel Indigo Hong Kong pool

31. Areias Do Seixo

Check out the striking (and private!) infinity pool at the Areias Do Seixo, located in central Portugal.

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Areias Do Seixo pool

32. Hotel Tjampuhan

Discover one of the world’s most beautiful pools in Bali, Indonesia; set in a tropical oasis, you surely won’t want to leave.

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Hotel Tjampuhan pool

33. Amanjiwo

Take a trip to Indonesia to enjoy this beautiful infinity pool surrounded by a lush forest where folks can admire sweeping views of rice fields and volcanic peaks.

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Amanjiwo pool

34. Hoshi Onsen

These traditional hot baths, also known as onsen, are located in Japan and offer guests a relaxing dip in a warm and cozy wooden setting.

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Hoshi Onsen pool

35. InterContinental Hong Kong

Guests of this hotel can enjoy the large outdoor swimming pool and three beautiful infinity spa pools, each overlooking Victoria Harbour and Hong Kong Island.

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InterContinental Hong Kong pool

36. ION Luxury Adventure Hotel

This Icelandic gem offers stunning views in an outdoor setting that will take your breath away. Worried it’ll be cold out there? This pool is heated!

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ION Luxury Adventure Hotel pool

37. La Purificadora

Located in Mexico in a former water purifying factory, this unique glass-walled rooftop pool is not to be missed, offering stunning views of this historical city!

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La Purificadora pool

38. Mandarin Oriental Barcelona

Enjoy a breathtaking view of Barcelona in this beautifully sleek pool set on the rooftop of the Mandarin Oriental.

Few can say they’ve been in a pool that offered views of La Sagrada Família and Casa Batlló.

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Mandarin Oriental Barcelona pool

39. Lake Palace Hotel

India is home to this stunning heated pool; seriously, who would want to leave?! Of course, some say it’s even more gorgeous at night, but a dip anytime of day is an amazing experience.

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Lake Palace Hotel pool

40. Royal Crescent Hotel

This indoor pool is one of the most beautiful in the world, with its vaulted ceilings and flagstone floor - it resembles a church rather than a pool deck.

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Royal Crescent Hotel pool

41. COMO Laucala Island

This exclusive, private island resort is home to one of the most stunning pools in the world. As if the beach wasn’t beautiful enough, take a dip in this glass-walled lap pool set within the lagoon pool!

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Laucala Island pool

42. LeCrans

Found among the Swiss Alps, these indoor and outdoor pools at LeCrans offer incredible views and a relaxing atmosphere.

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LeCrans pool

43. Huka Lodge

This lodge in New Zealand offers three outdoor pools to enjoy; one large, two smaller, and one more private.

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Huka Lodge pool

44. Maison Couturier

This stone pool in San Rafael, Mexico, is surrounded by bungalows and transformed into paradise with its natural surroundings and gardens.

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Maison Couturier pool

45. Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan

Head to Japan to experience this observatory outdoor hot spring bath with water sourced from the chasm of the Earth, Fossa Magna.

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Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan pool

46. Pacuare Lodge

Costa Rica is home to this tropical pool paradise - take a dip among the trees and wildlife, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

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Pacuare Lodge pool

47. Phinda Vlei Lodge

South Africa is where you’ll find this lovely pool...and perhaps a couple of elephants! With once-in-a-lifetime wildlife encounters, swimming is a truly unique experience at this lodge.

But you better be quick before the elephants drink all the water from the pool!

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Phinda Homestead pool

48. Sublime Samana

Is 500 feet (152 meters) enough pool for you? At the Sublime Samana in the Dominican Republic, guests can enjoy this beautiful long pool or hang out on one of the many sunbeds lined up nearby.

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Sublime Samana pool

49. The Grace Santorini

This infinity pool is another exquisite island masterpiece, as if Greece wasn't beautiful enough. With uninterrupted views across the Caldera, this pool is enough to book your trip now.

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The Grace Santorini pool

50. The Oberoi Udaivilas

India is home to one of the world’s most gorgeous pools. This deep, blue-tiled pool shines in the sun and is peppered with sandstone columns and elephant fountains.

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The Oberoi Udaivilas pool

+1 Armani Hotel in Burj Khalifa

Without the pool in the world's tallest tower, the Burj Khalifa, the list could not be complete. The outdoor zero-entry swimming pool is on the 76th floor of this 2,717 feet (828 meters) tall tower.

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