The Canopy Tower – Evil Empire Turned Bird Watchers ParadiseThe Canopy  

Implements of control and dominance never last long and here is an example. Originally a radar tower built by the US in order to exert strategic control of the Panama Canal and fight the bloody War on Drugs, the tower is now a place for families to watch birds and experience the mighty rainforest.

You can stay in the repurposed tower. Serious birdwatchers can go out ‘birding’ to prime locations in the local rainforest which are difficult to reach in ordinary circumstances; there they can experience the inestimable thrill of spotting a rare species. In fact, some of the most famous ornithologists in the world regularly come to the Canopy Tower for access to these special spots. There are hammocks to laze-in and an extensive library in the Tower if you wish to have a break from the 360-degree-Observation Deck.

Soberanía National Park

Canopy Tower in the Soberanía National Park

Canopy Tower from the air

Canopy Tower

Canopy Tower at night

Canopy Tower hotel interior

Canopy Tower dining area

Canopy Tower hammock

Canopy Tower living room

Canopy Tower room

Canopy Tower room with hammock

Canopy radar tower rooftop

Canopy Tower observation deck

Observing nature from the top of Canopy Tower

Panama jungle

Soberanía National Park Tree Canopies

Soberanía National Park Sunset

Soberanía National Park Jungle Boat Ride

Soberanía National Park Speedboat On The River

Semaphore Hill Road, Soberania National Park, Panama City, Panama