Dog Bark Park Inn – And Bingo Was His Name-OhDog Bark  
Park Inn

If the Ancient Greeks had decided to attack Troy using a giant dog rather than a horse it might have looked something like this. Husband and wife team, Dennis and Frances use chainsaws to carve folk-art wooden dogs and have done for the last 15 years. When their work was selling well on the home shopping channel, QVC, they invested their money building the ultimate wooden dog which stands 12 feet tall in the center of their Dog Bark Park located in Idaho’s extensive prairie lands.

The place was built as a homage to the kooky roadside attractions that grew up in the early days of freeway automobile travel. The ‘Bed and Breakfast Inn’ consists of a bedroom and living area in the body of the giant Beagle with an additional room inside the statue’s head. The interior is full of folk art oddities perfect for you dog lovers and anyone who likes an unusual experience.

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