Mason Elephant Park And Lodge - Elephant SanctuaryMason Elephant Park  
and Lodge

This hotel is home to a herd of captive Sumatran Elephants, including wittle ickle baby ones (awww). The elephants have a bathing pool, land to range around, and plenty of humans to play with. They get washed and petted by humans and taught neat tricks like painting, maths, and basketball. Elephant dining involves massive amounts of vegetables in a huge pile.

When the humans get tired, they dine on vegetables and meat on plates and swim in their own pools. They sleep in ‘beds’ because they tend to be less tolerant of the elements than the elephants. But humans like a good massage and rub down as much as the elephants, so they go to the ‘Spa’ where they use strongly scented oils because their nasal sense is quite dull compared to the elephants. The elephants play with the humans by performing tricks on a stage, and the humans are made happy and distracted before they go home and back to work. The elephants just lie down in their special sheds and wait for the next round of humans to arrive at the Elephant Safari Park Hotel.

Type: Animal   Nature
Entrance to the Elephant Safari Park Lodge
Elephant Safari Park Lodge gift shop
Museum of elephants
Mammoth lounge
Elephant Safari Park Lodge Mammoth bar
Taro Restaurant
The Bar Terrace
Outdoor dining
Dining in the evening at Elephant Safari Park Lodge
Park View Room
Park View bathroom
Taro Suite
Elephant Chauffeur Service
Elephant washing and playing
Palm Groove lake
Swimming pool and elephants
Pool with a hot girl
Wedding with elephants
Mommy and baby elephant
Jalan Elephant Park Taro, Taro Village, Tegallalang, Ubud, Bali 80561, Indonesia