Accommodation types: Theme Park
Location: Libin  Belgium  West Europe
Euro Space Center
Euro Space  


Houston we have a problem: there’s not enough people learning about space. Well thank heaven (not actually located in space as far as we know) that the Euro Space Center is here to make learning about space an exciting interactive experience and you can stay overnight too. Come to here to live like an astronaut. Do you space training with simulations and take some steps on the moonwalk attraction. There are fun lectures on space in the planetarium and you can learn what it would be like to be in the control room in charge of billions of dollars of high-tech equipment in charge of blasting puny humans into the stratosphere and beyond. What could be out there? Imagine what it must be like by checking the to-scale model of the U.S. space shuttle, take a walk through the International Space Station and marvel at the indoor rocket display. Don’t forget the “Space Show” either because… it’s a show! About space! Stay here and be the envy of every nerd in the world.

Euro Space Center family visit
Euro Space Center meeting room
Euro Space Center spaceship
Euro Space Center futuristic hall
Euro Space Center education program
Micro-gravity machine
Levitating games
Cockpit of the spaceship
Euro Space Center corridor with kids
Devant les Hêtres 1, 6890 Libin, Belgium
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