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Humans and non-human animals are treated alike at Finca Victoria's hilltop retreat. The Ayurvedic vegan hotel welcomes open-minded guests in search of healing and rejuvenation.

The magical countryside setting on the Island of Vieques, Mexico, is an ideal place to slow down and enjoy each step, each bite, and each breath.

Sylvia De Marco was the founder of Dreamcatcher, Puerto Rico's first vegan inn focusing on wellbeing. But after finding a 50-year-old guesthouse in the picturesque hills of Vieques, she used her knowledge to chase her dream and create Finca Victoria.

Finca Victoria

Vegan hotel

Veganism is often wrongly associated with dietary prohibitions, but it's much more complex than that. It's a philosophy of abstaining from using animal products and letting the natural world run its course.

So, while eating is a big part of it (especially considering that most of us do it thrice a day), being mindful of all other aspects where animals can be harmed is equally important.

Finca Victoria Poolside House

What does it all mean for Finca Victoria? It starts with the abstention from using leather.

Instead, the interiors of the cabins, cottages, and treehouses are made of sustainably sourced wood and fitted with cruelty-free furniture. In addition, many pieces are upcycled and given a second life.

Finca Victoria Pool

The surrounding gardens grow bio fruits, vegetables, and herbs, which the hotel uses for making delicious food and natural products for their wellness center.

The gardens are cleverly split into three sections: herbal, medicinal, and edible.

Finca Victoria The Invisible House

The Invisible House

The quirky Invisible House blends into its environment with a tree-like shape topped with a "canopy" and the clever use of black wood and two-way mirrors.

Finca Victoria The Invisible House Entrance

You can climb on a ladder to the cozy bedroom from the airy living room.

Finca Victoria The Invisible House Hammock

The best spot in the Invisible House is the hammock installed in front of the bed, hanging at the height of canopies with the right amount of privacy to enjoy this place's tranquility.

Finca Victoria The Invisible House Outdoor Shower

Finca Victoria's specialty is the outdoor shower. Unless your partner peeks out of the cabin's window, you are hidden from people but open to mother nature.

Finca Victoria Baez-Haus


The other designer jungle house is named after artist Rogelio Baez. The Bauhaus styling mixed with nautical elements like the rounded windows, lamps, and balcony creates a fascinating mix.

Finca Victoria Baez-Haus Bedroom

The two balconies have an ocean view, and a spacious deck is on the first floor.

Finca Victoria Casa Nuria

Casa Nuria

The three rooms of Casa Nuria are in a more traditional-looking house; however, it doesn't mean its interiors are boring.

Finca Victoria Casa Nuria Living Room

The styling interiors with vintage furniture and artwork on the wall, and the feel-good atmosphere is intensified by the selection of homemade oils for the diffusers, homemade teas, and infused water.

Finca Victoria Casa Nuria Bedroom

Finca Victoria Casa Nuria Bed

Finca Victoria Casa Nuria Balcony

Finca Victoria Outdoor Shower

Finca Victoria Cooking Class

The farmhouse-style bed & breakfast sources herbs from its garden to prepare delicious ayurvedic vegan food.

Finca Victoria Food Preparation

Each Friday, the communal house is turned into a cozy outdoor restaurant with candlelights, lounge music, and a four-course vegan menu.

Finca Victoria Communal Outdoor Dining

Finca Victoria Food

The vegan dinners include a four-course menu made from ingredients sourced directly from the garden of organic vegetables.

Finca Victoria Vegan Dish

Here, beef is beet; Beluga is a type of lentil, not caviar, and milk comes from coconuts, not animals.

Finca Victoria Yoga Class

Each morning starts with a complimentary yoga class in the brightly lit shala on the sundeck.

Finca Victoria Deep Tissue Massage

Part of the Ayurvedic treatment is Swedish and deep tissue massages, which increase oxygen levels in the blood, reduce muscle toxins and improve circulation and flexibility.

Finca Victoria Swedish Massage

Finca Victoria Water Therapy

Finca Victoria offers a unique aquatic therapy that transfers you into a deep meditative state.

Finca Victoria Fire Ritual

Parque La Ceiba de Vieques

Wild horses at the Parque La Ceiba de Vieques

Vieques Beach, Puerto Rico

Vieques Beach

Rt. 995, km 2.2, Vieques, 00765, Puerto Rico