Inish Turk Beg - Rugged Times On A Beautiful IslandInish Turk  

A private island where you and your friends and family can do pretty much whatever you want. Sound good? I thought so. But that is not all. There are five island homes with room for up to 40 guests. Each building has been created by a young architect of the year, Andrew Wright, and two have been awarded Red Dot awards for design excellence. But you only need to look at the photos to figure that out.

The island makes its own whiskey and plays host to artists and musicians who come every year for a special creative retreat. Turk Beg means “island of the wild boar” in Gaelic as it was originally home to man’s favorite food. After that, the island was used for farming and shipbuilding before being purchased in the early 2000s. There is a dazzling array of activities to do when you stay there, including watersports, fishing, walking, golf, riding, and an indoor/outdoor games complex. There is also an indoor heated swimming pool, Jacuzzi, and outdoor sound system. Unfortunately, the island is closed to the public until further notice.

Type: Island   Nature
Inishturk Island in Ireland
Inishturk Island from above
Inish Turk Beg with tennis court
Inish Turk Beg main building
Inish Turk Beg living room
Inish Turk Beg dining room
Inish Turk Beg swimming pool
Inish Turk Beg terrace
Nature watching
Inish Turk Beg rooftop balcony
Inish Turk Beg sunset
Inish Turk Beg jacuzzi
Inish Turk Beg boat dock and a VW Beetle
Inish Turk Beg horses
Inish Turk Beg nature
Inishturk, Clew Bay, County Mayo, Ireland