Accommodation types: Airplane   Hostel
Location: Arlanda  Sweden  West Europe
Jumbo Stay - Sleep in a Boeing 747Jumbo  

For those of you who have not spent enough time crammed into Jumbo Jets, trying to rub the feeling back into your twisted legs, craving for the blackout of sleep but unable to relax because you are stuck in a rigid position while your ears are deafened by the constant roar of the engines, this is for you. To be fair, they have done an excellent job of recycling this old Jet into a modern and comfortable hostel. It is light on the wallet and definitely an unusual experience. It is grounded in Stockholm airport, mounted on concrete blocks, its wheels dangling forlornly in the cold air as if a reminder of happier times… Anyway, as a guest, your ‘wardrobe’ is an overhead locker, you can get air blown through those twiddly airplane vent systems and mercifully the toilets have been expanded to include a shower. If you love in-flight meals get ready for a treat, the canteen serves them and nothing else. So, if you want something edible, I suggest you stock up on food at the airport before you come.

Boeing 747
Jumbo Stay Hostel
Boeing 747 hotel
Boeing 747 hostel interior
Jumbo Stay hostel interior
Boeing 747 interior
Boeing 747 seats
Sleep in the pilot cabin of a Boeing 747
Rooms in Boeing 747
Jumbo Stay hostel room
Jumbo Stay hostel bathroom
Boeing 747 at dawn

Jumbovägen 4, 190 47 Arlanda, Sweden
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