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KINN Capsule Hotel - Japanese Zen & Boutique-Level Comfort In SingaporeKINN Capsule  

The elegant and minimalist KINN Capsule Hotel is located in the heart of Singapore. It follows the Japanese design language of MUJI, also known as "no-brand quality goods." It was influenced by the Japanese Zen philosophy, focusing on simplicity and the essence of well-being. The interior design is vivid reminiscent of the minimalism in Japan. Soft pastel colors, rounded surfaces perfectly join the walls' edges, and contrasting green plants are illuminated by a skylight.

The neatly designed wooden cubicles are plushy and cozy inside. In fact, plushy is a bit of an understatement. The beds come with a 5-star hotel-grade, super single-size mattress. That's just like in a posh boutique hotel. You won't have to compromise much on privacy either. Each capsule has black-out roller blinds. They are also equipped with built-in lamps, power and USB sockets, mirrors, and a retractable desk that can turn your capsule into a mini-office. The 72 capsules are split into seven rooms, and if you are a solo female traveler, you can opt for a female-only room.

Affordability is a gorgeous package; this is a hard to resist proposal in a city like Singapore. KINN Capsule Hotel is freshly opened, and it is located on South Bridge Road. It's a central place to discover the city, right next to the Clarke Quay subway station and the Singapore River.

KINN Capsule Hotel On South Bridge Road, Singapore
KINN Capsule Hotel Check-In
KINN Capsule Hotel Lobby Pastel Color
KINN Capsule Hotel Lounge Design Furniture
KINN Capsule Hotel Interior Minimalist Design
KINN Capsule Hotel Skylight Plant
KINN Capsule Hotel Room Door
KINN Capsule Hotel Digital Mobile Phone Entrance To The Rooms
KINN Capsule Hotel Capsule Room
KINN Capsule Hotel Double-Decker Capsule
KINN Capsule Hotel Capsule Beds
KINN Capsule Hotel Capsule Interiors
KINN Capsule Hotel Four Cubicles
KINN Capsule Hotel Bathroom
Kinn Capsule Hotel Rooftop Terrace Overlooking Singapore
39 South Bridge Rd, Singapore 058673
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