Accommodation types: Ice   Igloo
Location: Kirkenes  Norway  West Europe
Kirkenes Snowhotel - Ice Hotel In NorwayKirkenes  

Snow hotels have become a popular destination for many travelers seeking to experience the natural Arctic beauty and truly rare experience. The Kirkenes Snowhotel has been providing guests a winter wonderland in the northern-most reaches of Norway since 2006.

Kirkenes Snowhotel has various rooms to choose from, but the most popular is the 20 rooms that are completely constructed from snow and ice. Each room provides a comfortable mattress with thermal insulation surrounded by ice blocks, so it appears you are actually sleeping on the ice. There are also lighted sculptures to reflect the unique theme of each room. If you prefer more traditional accommodations, you can also stay in the “gamme” hunting cabins or the Namdalen wilderness lodge.

Besides the stunning views of the Aurora Borealis, the Icebar has become a world-renowned attraction. Each year, the artists use more than 15 tons of ice from the frozen lakes to create the facility and unique ice sculptures that change from year to year. Everything, including your glass, is made of ice!

The restaurant on-site offers delicious local dishes that immerse you in your Arctic experience. If you are feeling adventurous, there are a variety of outdoor activities, depending on the season. In the milder summer months, guests can visit the local villages, go deep-sea fishing, or book a rafting trip. During the winter months, you can go fishing for King Crab, feel the rush of a husky trip, or take a snowmobile tour of the beautiful snow-draped scenery.

Your stay at the Kirkenes Snowhotel is sure to be the adventure of a lifetime.

Kirkenes Snowhotel
Kirkenes Snowhotel main building
Kirkenes Snowhotel main building front facade
Kirkenes Snowhotel restaurant interior
Kirkenes Snowhotel restaurant windows view
Kirkenes Snowhotel fireplace
Kirkenes Snowhotel snow tunnel
Kirkenes Snowhotel ice sculptures
Kirkenes Snowhotel ice room
Ice sculptured room
Captain ice room
Love themed ice room
Ice room with couple and husky plush
Couple having fun in the ice room
Gamme wooden cabin entrance
Gamme wooden cabin twin bedroom
Gamme wooden cabin bathroom
Gamme wooden cabin window nature views
Kirkenes Snowhotel sauna
Northern lights above the Kirkenes Snowhotel
Snowmobile house
Snowmobile ice tunnel storage
Snowmobiles in the wild
Huskies at Kirkenes Snowhotel
Fishing for crabs
Giant crab from ice water
Kongens gate 1, 9900 Kirkenes, Norway
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