La Cabane du Capitaine Némo II - Quirky Apartment in NantesLa Cabane du  
Capitaine Némo II

Captain Nemo’s cabin is a quirky apartment located in Nantes, France, made to resemble where the popular fictional book hero might have lived. Nemo (Latin for “no one”) is a mysterious figure and scientific genius who roams the deep sea in his submarine, avoiding dry land unless it’s uninhabited. This quirky spot reflects Nemo’s curious personality and the whimsy of a fictional story.

Filled with Jules Verne books (the author who invented Captain Nemo), this nautically-themed getaway includes unique artwork and interesting steampunk-style gadgets like a shower with complicated-looking dials and valves and a sink with beer tap pipework. Of course, a small breakfast bar/kitchen wouldn’t be complete without an antique toaster as a light fixture. Captain Nemo’s living room features a sofa bed, accessed by a steel staircase, and across a catwalk, travelers will find a futon-style double bed in a nook. There is even a secret escape route from the bedroom down a ladder to the bathroom, filled with funky and hidden gems.

This “cabin” is located in the heart of the city, close to the Château des Ducs de Bretagne and the Cathedral Saint Peter and Saint Paul. Public transportation is a short five-minute walk away.

Type: Fairytale
Location: Nantes  France  West Europe
La Cabane du Capitaine Némo II living room

La Cabane du Capitaine Némo II hotel mysterious interior

La Cabane du Capitaine Némo II bedroom

Octopus Pillow

Mystery Shelf

La Cabane du Capitaine Némo II Staircase

La Cabane du Capitaine Némo II Apartment Room and Bathroom

1 Rue d'Alger, 44100 Nantes, France