Accommodation types: Fairytale
Location: Raipur  India  South Asia
Lakshman Sagar Resort - Incredible Wander In RajasthanLakshman Sagar  

Built in the 19th Century, this getaway is unlike any other in Raipur, India. Lakshman Sagar was originally constructed as a hunting lodge, hosting only the most elite and noble families. Now, it’s home to 12 sustainably designed cottages dotted along a man-made lake. Known for its “slow living” mantra, Lakshman Sagar is the perfect spot for those looking to truly relax, rejuvenate and get away from all of the hustle and bustle of daily life.

Each mud and stone cottage offers rooms that open into a private splash pool that overlooks the lake. The interiors are colored brightly, heavily influenced by the local village life. Guests will feel as if they are part of the town during their stay at Lakshman Sagar.

Another unique point that guests will enjoy is the customized private dining system; from campfire meals and live cooking to freshly made breakfasts and romantic dinners on floats, everyone can enjoy a special dining experience.

Speaking of experiences...what else is there to do here? Plenty! Tailor-made experiences highlight the “slow life” and allow guests to truly connect with Raipur. The options are endless, from local liquor tasting, goat herding, and jeep safaris to stargazing and kite flying.

Lakshman Sagar: making Rajasthan’s badlands look good again. Simple, peaceful, and friendly, this resort is your next perfect escape!

Lakshman Sagar resort
Lakshman Sagar main building with pool
Lakshman Sagar terrace
Lakshman Sagar fountain at night
Lakshman Sagar Mardana dining
Local liquor tasting
Lakshman Sagar room number 9 house
Lakshman Sagar room entrance
Lakshman Sagar bedroom
Lakshman Sagar room private pool
Lakshman Sagar balconies
Lakshman Sagar pool
Lakshman Sagar morning harvest of vegetables
Lakshman Sagar pottery making
Lakshman Sagar kayaking on the lake
Lakshman Sagar, Via Raipur, District Pali, 306401 Raipur, India
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