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Langholmen Hotel - Former Swedish PrisonLangholmen  

The activities available to guests and groups at the Langholmen Hotel are all about pretending to be a prisoner and making your escape from the island. You will learn skills such as teamwork, climbing, and marksmanship. Has no-one told the staff that Langholmen is not a prison any more? I can’t imagine why anyone would want to escape because it’s so nice inside.

As well as these fun games of imagination, you can take a Kayak tour of Stockholm and visit the hotel museum which tells you all about Langholmen’s fascinating 250-year history. Judging from the pictures here it seems they have done a commendable job of converting the old prison into a top hotel. Your room is in a converted cell but fortunately, you are given a key so you can go out and enjoy dinner at their traditional Inn and Pub. No bread and water here.

There is also a youth hostel attached to the hotel enabling you to meet a more diverse range of people than you would usually find in a luxury hotel. This unique location allows you to enjoy the sights and sounds of Stockholm and its surrounding countryside from an unusual setting.

Langholmen Hotel
Langholmen Hotel exterior with flowers
Langholmen Hotel history
Langholmen Jail Hotel
Langholmen Hotel jail cell
Langholmen Hotel museum cell
Langholmen Hotel prison room
Langholmen Hotel room
Langholmen Hotel terrace and bar
Langholmen nature
Langholmen beach
Långholmsmuren 20, 117 33 Stockholm, Sweden
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